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fa4e84b... by Sergei Golubchik

cleanup: main.mysqldump test

show error messages from mysqldump/mysqlimport

88db4e3... by Sergei Golubchik

wsrep suite isn't run by default, wsrep_info shouldn't either

4fd096d... by Sergei Golubchik

sporadic failures of main.bootstrap

give every bootstrap server its own tmpdir, by default it's var/tmp,
which is shared in --parallel

59c9e2f... by Andrew Hutchings

MDEV-29579 Fix CONNECT ASAN hits (#2277)

There are currently two things causing ASAN hits on CONNECT engine when
the plugin is used as a dynamic module. These are libxml2 and libodbc.

libxml2 has some quirks when not the first and last thing called in the
main thread of an application, some of the global memory isn't cleaned
up correctly. The same is assumed of libodbc but this does not have
explicit API for this.

This is being fixed in two ways.

First we are removing the libxml2 cleanup call. This is because the
current one is messy and whatever it fixed has gone away. But also
because if this is called and libxml2 is used again this can cause
issues. For example if two different plugins to MariaDB both happen to
use libxml2.

The second fix is a hack that exploits `STB_GNU_UNIQUE` so that when
compiled with ASAN the plugin will remain in memory after dlclose().
This allows libodbc to cleanup and has the added advatage that we will
get clean stacks from ASAN for CONNECT when the leak is detected at the
end of execution.

Details of the `STB_GNU_UNIQUE` method can be found here:

b3e06ce... by Anel <email address hidden>

MDEV-28533: CONNECT engine does not quote columns involved in WHERE clause (#2263)

66cd1c3... by Andrew Hutchings

MDEV-25767 Fix CONNECT ODBC WHERE condition crash (#2243)

When an UPDATE or DELETE was executed with a WHERE condition it would
crash the MariaDB server. This is because the code expects the WHERE
condition to have generated a query string but it hasn't.

Also updates the ODBC test results for current MariaDB version.

ce23802... by Marko Mäkelä

MDEV-29600 Memory leak in row_log_table_apply_update()

row_log_table_apply_update(): Free the pcur.old_rec_buf before returning.
It may be allocated by btr_pcur_store_position() inside
btr_blob_log_check_t::check() and btr_store_big_rec_extern_fields().

This memory leak was introduced in
commit 2e814d4702d71a04388386a9f591d14a35980bfe (MariaDB Server 10.2.2)
via mysql/mysql-server@ce0a1e85e24e48b8171f767b44330da635a6ea0a
(MySQL 5.7.5).

2d5cfdc... by Marko Mäkelä

Cleanup: Remove redundant output from a test

f5e4e15... by Alexey Botchkov

Backport fix for MDEV-29352 to 10.3-10.5

The fix for MDEV-29352 was pushed to 10.6+ but the code causing the
bug is old and the bug is unlikely to be a recent regression in 10.6.
So, we apply the fix also to older versions, 10.3-10.5.

The original commit message:

MDEV-29352 SIGSEGV's in strlen and unknown location on optimized builds at SHUTDOWN

When the UDF creation frails to write the newly created UDF into
the related system table, the UDF is still created in memory.

However, as it is now, the related DLL is unloaded in this case right
in the mysql_create_function. And failure happens when the UDF handle
is freed and tries to unload the respective DLL which is still unloaded.

b9c1c07... by Ian Gilfillan <email address hidden>

MDEV-29275 Fix server/Docs typos