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18e4e9b... by Andrei Elkin <email address hidden> on 2019-06-12

MDEV-18450 wait for all slaves shutdown

backport to 10.3.

fcb68ff... by Eugene on 2018-05-29

Simplified away READ_RECORD::struct_length

5d46eee... by Eugene on 2018-05-29

Simplified away READ_RECORD::cache_records

3950a98... by Eugene on 2018-05-29

Cleanup unused READ_RECORD::index

c8d9ec2... by Eugene on 2018-05-29

Cleanup unused READ_RECORD::forms

617d34a... by Monty <email address hidden> on 2019-05-27

Fixed wrong reset of join_cache_level in join_outer*test

592dc59... by Daniele Sciascia <email address hidden> on 2019-05-09

MDEV-17458 Unable to start galera node

Bootstrapping a new cluster from a backup created from a MariaDB
version prior to 10.3.5 may result in error "SST position can't be
set in past" when attempting to join additional nodes.
The problem stems from the fact that when reading the wsrep position
from InnoDB, the position is looked up in two places:
the TRX_SYS page, where versions prior to 10.3.5 used to store
WSREP's position; and rollback segments, this is where newer versions
store the position.
When starting a new cluster, the starting seqno is 0 and a new cluster
UUID is generated. This is persisted in rollback segments, but the old
UUID and seqno are not cleared from TRX_SYS page.
Subsequently, when reading back the position,
trx_rseg_read_wsrep_checkpoint() is going to return the maximum seqno
found in both TRX_SYS page and rollback segments. So in the case of a
newly bootstrapped cluster, it's always going to return the old
cluster information.
The fix consists of changing trx_rseg_read_wsrep_checkpoint() so that
only rollback segments are looked up. On startup, position is read
from the TRX_SYS page, and if present, it is copied to rollback
segments (unless a newer position is already present in the rollback
Finally the position stored in TRX_SYS page is cleared.

d0ef948... by Marko Mäkelä on 2019-02-22

Non-functional change: Remove #ifdef UNIV_DEBUG

c86773f... by midenok on 2019-02-06

MDEV-18136 Server crashes in Item_func_dyncol_create::prepare_arguments

[Closes tempesta-tech/mariadb#572]

6473641... by Eugene on 2019-02-21

MDEV-18512 using DATETIME(6) as row_start/row_end crashes server