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17eaa27... by Andrei Elkin <email address hidden> on 2020-05-05

MDEV-15152 Optimistic parallel slave doesnt cope well with START SLAVE UNTIL

The immediate bug was caused by a failure to recognize a correct
position to stop the slave applier run in optimistic parallel mode.
There were the following set of issues that the analysis unveil.
1 incorrect estimate for the event binlog position passed to
2 wait for workers to complete by the driver thread did not account non-group events
  that could be left unprocessed and thus to mix up the last executed
  binlog group's file and position:
  the file remained old and the position related to the new rotated file
3 incorrect 'slave reached file:pos' by the parallel slave report in the error log
4 relay log UNTIL missed out the parallel slave branch in

The patch addresses all of them to simplify logics of log change
notification in either the master and relay-log until case.
P.1 is addressed with passing the event into is_until_satisfied()
for proper analisis by the function.
P.2 is fixed by changes in handle_queued_pos_update().
P.4 required removing relay-log change notification by workers.
Instead the driver thread updates the notion of the current relay-log
fully itself with aid of introduced
bool Relay_log_info::until_relay_log_names_defer.

An extra print out of the requested until file:pos is arranged
with --log-warning=3.

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