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38f140f... by Julius Goryavsky <email address hidden>

MDEV-28968: mariabackup SST doesn't properly handle --innodb-buffer-pool-filename

The mariabackup SST script cannot properly handle SST from
the joiner side if a non-standard filename is specified in
the "--innodb-buffer-pool-filename" option. Log analysis
shows that the received file is copied to the destination
directory under the original name "ib_buffer_pool", and not
under the name specified using the option on the command
line or in the configuration file.

This commit fixes this bug and adds an updated mtr tests
to check for correct handling of the non-standard filenames
specified using the "--innodb-buffer-pool-filename" option.

10fba9c... by Julius Goryavsky <email address hidden>

MDEV-28758: Mariabackup copies binary logs to backup directory

This commit changes the default settings so that, by default,
mariabackup will not copy binary logs files to the backup directory
and will transfer only one (most recet) binary log file between nodes
during SST. If the user wants to make a backup containing all binary
logs or wants to transfer them all between nodes, then user must add
the sst_max_binlogs=-1 option to the [sst] section, to one of the
server configuration sections, or must use the equivalent command
line option (when running mariabackup).

76ddc30... by Julius Goryavsky <email address hidden>

MDEV-27524 addendum: additional tests

5375f0b... by Nayuta Yanagisawa

MDEV-21310 AUTO_INCREMENT column throws range error on INSERT in partitioned table | Assertion `part_share->auto_inc_initialized || !can_use_for_auto_inc_init()' failed.

The bug is caused by a similar mechanism as MDEV-21027.

The function, check_insert_or_replace_autoincrement, failed to open
all the partitions on INSERT SELECT statements and it results in the
assertion error.

f339ef3... by Marko Mäkelä

MDEV-26577 InnoDB: Failing assertion: dict_tf2_is_valid(flags, flags2) during ADD COLUMN

prepare_inplace_alter_table_dict(): If the table will not be rebuilt,
preserve all of the original ROW_FORMAT, including the compressed
page size flags related to ROW_FORMAT=COMPRESSED.

a75ad73... by Marko Mäkelä

MDEV-28389 fixup: Fix compiler warnings

hex_to_ascii(): Add #if around the definition to avoid
clang -Wunused-function. Avoid GCC 5 -Wconversion with a cast.

c86b138... by Marko Mäkelä

MDEV-28389: Simplify the InnoDB corrupted page output

buf_page_print(): Dump the buffer page 32 bytes (64 hexadecimal digits)
per line. In this way, the limitation in mtr
("Data too long for column 'line'") will not be triggered.

Also, do not bother decoding the page contents, because everything
is present in the hexadecimal output.

dict_index_find_on_id_low(): Merge to dict_index_get_if_in_cache_low().
The direct call in buf_page_print() was prone to crashing, in case the
table definition was concurrently evicted or dropped from the
data dictionary cache.

2c1aaa6... by Hirokazu Hata <email address hidden>

MDEV-28854 Disallow INSERT DELAYED on Spider table

Spider supports (or at least allows) INSERT DELAYED but the
documentation does not specify spider as a storage engine that supports
Also, although not mentioned in the documentation, "INSERT DELAYED" is
not intended to be executed inside a transaction, as can be seen from
the list of supported storage engines.
The current implementation allows executing a delayed insert on a
remote transactional table and this breaks the consistency ensured by
the transaction.

We too remove "internal_delayed", one of the Spider table parameters.
Documentation says,

> Whether to transmit existence of delay to remote servers when
> executing an INSERT DELAYED statement on local server.

This table parameter is only used for "INSERT DELAYED".

Reviewed by: Nayuta Yanagisawa

5feb60c... by Oleksandr "Sanja" Byelkin

MDEV-22590 SIGSEGV in flush_all_key_blocks when changing key_buffer_size / ASAN: heap-use-after-free in flush_all_key_blocks

Take into account that in preparation of a simple key cache for resizing no disk blocks might be assigned to it.

Reviewer: IgorBabaev <email address hidden>

3e09c61... by Julius Goryavsky <email address hidden>

MDEV-26562: galera-sst-mariabackup is failing due to missing xtrabackup_checkpoints

This commit contains workaround for a bug known as 'Red Hat issue 1870279'
(connection reset by peer issue in socat versions to which
further causes crashes during SST using mariabackup (when openssl is used).

Also fixed broken logic of automatic generation of the Diffie-Hellman parameters
for socat version less than 1.7.3 (which defaults to 512-bit values instead of
2048-bit ones).