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03935c9... by Nayuta Yanagisawa

MDEV-27575 SIGSEGV in intern_plugin_lock on SHUTDOWN when setting Spider as default storage engine (temporary or global)

When Spider is set as the default storage engine, it is unloaded later
compared with other plugins. That is because Spider is referenced by
@@global.default_storage_engine and cannot be unloaded before the
variable is set to NULL.

spider_db_done() creates a new THD but, in the above mentioned case,
the new THD needs to lock its default_storage_engine and it does not
expect that the server is almost shut down and the variable is NULL.

Luckily, the newly created THD is used for nothing. Thus, we can just
remove the THD creation.

f299351... by Sergei Golubchik

remove invalid test

it starts an EXPLAIN of a multi-table join and tries to KILL it.
no sync points.
depending on how fast the hareware is and optimizer development
it might kill EXPLAIN at some random point in time (generally unrelated
to the Bug#28598 it was supposed to test) or EXPLAIN might finish
before the KILL and the test will fail.

be99d0d... by Marko Mäkelä

Fix intermittent failures of innodb.stats_persistent

We do not really care about the exact result; we only care that the
statistics will be accessed. The result could change depending on
when some statistics were updated in the background or when some
committed delete-marked rows were purged from other tables on
which persistent statistics are enabled.

c4f65d8... by Shunsuke Tokunaga <email address hidden>

MDEV-21027 Assertion `part_share->auto_inc_initialized || !can_use_for_auto_inc_init()' failed in ha_partition::set_auto_increment_if_higher

ha_partition::set_auto_increment_if_higher expects
part_share->auto_inc_initialized is true or can_use_for_auto_inc_init()
is false (but as the comment of this method says, it returns false
only if we use Spider engine with DROP TABLE or ALTER TABLE query).
However, part_share->auto_inc_initialized becomes true only after all
partitions are opened (since 6dce6aecebe6ef78a14cb5c5c5daa8a355551e40).

Therefore, I added a conditional expression in order to read all
partitions when we execute REPLACE on a table that has an

Reviewed by: Nayuta Yanagisawa
Reviewed by: Alexey Botchkov

f31e935... by Sergei Golubchik

mtr: fix a race condition

if a test can run in cond1,cond2 and cond1,cond3 then they can happen
to run in parallel and both wanting to create test,cond1.result~

2e7e89d... by Sergei Golubchik

cleanup: move the check out of the loop

124326d... by Julius Goryavsky <email address hidden>

MDEV-28656: Inability to roll upgrade without stopping the Galera cluster

c168e16... by Tuukka Pasanen <email address hidden>

MDEV-28628: Change current Debian package revision scheme

Current Debian package revision scheme when using
debian/ script is:

For example if VERSION can be like 10.6.8 and LSBNAME is
buster then version and revision is:
Which can lead to problem as distro code names can be lexical unordered.

For example Debian LSBNAME's can be:
  Codename Buster is Debian version 10
  Codename Bookworm is Debian version 11

This happens because in ASCII table
Buster first two digits are 'Bu' and they are in hex 0x42 and 0x75
and Bookworm first digits 'Bo' are they are in hex 0x42 and 0x6F
When apt is upgrading it means that:
  1:10.6.8+maria~buster is bigger than 1:10.6.8+maria~bookworm
and that leads to problems in dist-upgrade process

To solve problem revision format is changed to:

Example for Debian 11 is now:

and for Ubuntu 22.04 is now:

There are new Variables
 * VERSION which contains whole version string
 * LSBVERSION which contains LSB version of distro
 * LSBID which contains LSB ID (Debian or Ubuntu)
added to debian/

Also CODENAME is change to LSBNAME as it's more declaritive

e077ce2... by Nayuta Yanagisawa

MDEV-26127 Assertion `err != DB_DUPLICATE_KEY' failed or InnoDB: Failing assertion: id != 0 on ALTER ... REBUILD PARTITION

During rebuild of partition, the partitioning engine calls
alter_close_table(), which does not unlock and close some table
instances of the target table.
Then, the engine fails to rename partitions because there are table
instances that are still locked.

Closing all the table instance of the target table fixes the bug.

b59bc62... by Mathew Heard <email address hidden>

MDEV-27766: connect engine; INSERT ignore option, was ignored

Test prior to this change:

CURRENT_TEST: connect.mysql
mysqltest: At line 485: query 'INSERT IGNORE INTO t3 VALUES (5),(10),(30)' failed: ER_GET_ERRMSG (1296): Got error 122 '(1062) Duplicate entry '10' for key 'PRIMARY' [INSERT INTO `t1` (`a`) VALUES (10)]' from CONNECT

So the ignore table option wasn't getting passed to the remove server.
Closes #2008