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5150dfd... by Nikita Malyavin on 2019-03-05

MDEV-17891 Assertion failures in select_insert::abort_result_set and mysql_load upon attempt to replace into a full table

* set modified_non_trans_table in one missed place

cf78b8c... by Jan Lindström on 2019-06-12

Merge 10.2 into 10.3

34b38ad... by Jan Lindström on 2019-06-12

MDEV-19736: Galera test failure on

Remove unneeded select to provider name. Provider can have different
names and can be located on different directory on different

b42dbdb... by Marko Mäkelä on 2019-06-11

Merge 10.2 into 10.3

cbac8f9... by Marko Mäkelä on 2019-06-10

MDEV-19725 Incorrect error handling in ALTER TABLE

Some I/O functions and macros that are declared in os0file.h used to
return a Boolean status code (nonzero on success). In MySQL 5.7, they
were changed to return dberr_t instead. Alas, in MariaDB Server 10.2,
some uses of functions were not adjusted to the changed return value.

Until MDEV-19231, the valid values of dberr_t were always nonzero.
This means that some code that was incorrectly checking for a zero
return value from the functions would never detect a failure.

After MDEV-19231, some tests for ALTER ONLINE TABLE would fail with
cmake -DPLUGIN_PERFSCHEMA=NO. It turned out that the wrappers
pfs_os_file_read_no_error_handling_int_fd_func() and
pfs_os_file_write_int_fd_func() were wrongly returning
bool instead of dberr_t. Also the callers of these functions were
wrongly expecting bool (nonzero on success) instead of dberr_t.

This mistake had been made when the addition of these functions was
merged from MySQL 5.6.36 and 5.7.18 into MariaDB Server 10.2.7.

This fix also reverts commit 40becbc3c7a6555d0a4bb186b4336a2899d5995c
which attempted to work around the problem.

5d06edf... by Sergey Petrunia on 2019-06-07

MDEV-19714: JOIN::pseudo_bits_cond is not visible in EXPLAIN FORMAT=JSON

Make it visible

490dcfd... by Oleksandr Byelkin <email address hidden> on 2019-06-05

MDEV-19698: Cleanup READ_RECORD::record

9b22354... by Sergei Golubchik on 2019-06-06

Fix to work after d6d5c168cf1

option values now have to be edited in-place,
instead of replacing an option with another one
that has the same name but a new value.

dfe7968... by Monty <email address hidden> on 2019-06-06

Fixed typo in Config.pgm

b83aff5... by Monty <email address hidden> on 2019-06-06

Support skip-plugin-load

- --disable-plugin-load or --skip-plugin-load will now reset plugin load
  list. Needed for future changes to mtr tests