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4a27ab2... by Nirbhay Choubey on 2016-11-21

MDEV-10792: Assertion `thd->mdl_context.is_lock_owner ..

.. (MDL_key::TABLE, table->db, table->table_name, MDL_SHARED)'
failed in mysql_rm_table_no_locks

Reset error flag after temporary table has been
successfully dropped.

ebe0619... by Nirbhay Choubey on 2016-11-21

MDEV-10442: "Address already in use" on restart

SST processes should inherit mysqld's process group.

44ccb8f... by Nirbhay Choubey on 2016-11-08

MDEV-10432: Post-fix after merging PR#205

cf1b0c1... by Bernard Spil <email address hidden> on 2016-07-24

Implement native/base process checks for FreeBSD

  - Make rsync process checks OS-dependent
  - Use (BSD) netstat on FreeBSD (not lsof)

f16ead5... by Bernard Spil <email address hidden> on 2016-07-24

POSIX-ify wsrep scripts

  - Replace #!/bin/bash with #!/bin/sh
  - Split username:password using POSIX compat %% and ##
  - Don't use array for FILTERS
  - Replace == tests with POSIX-compat =

665045f... by Igor Babaev on 2016-11-21

Fixed bug mdev-11081.

The idea of this fix was taken from the patch by Roy Lyseng
for mysql-5.6 bug iBug#14740889: "Wrong result for aggregate
functions when executing query through cursor".

Here's Roy's comment for his patch:
The problem was that a grouped query did not behave properly when
executed using a cursor. On further inspection, the query used one
intermediate temporary table for the grouping.
Then, Select_materialize::send_result_set_metadata created a temporary
table for storing the query result. Notice that get_unit_column_types()
is used to retrieve column meta-data for the query. The items contained
in this list are later modified so that their result_field points to
the row buffer of the materialized temporary table for the cursor.
But prior to this, these result_field objects have been prepared for
use in the grouping operation, by JOIN::make_tmp_tables_info(), hence
the grouping operation operates on wrong column buffers.

The problem is solved by using the list JOIN::fields when copying data
to the materialized table. This list is set by JOIN::make_tmp_tables_info()
and points to the columns of the last intermediate temporary table of
the executed query. For a UNION, it points to the temporary table
that is the result of the UNION query.

Notice that we have to assign a value to ::fields early in JOIN::optimize()
in case the optimization shortcuts due to a const plan detection.

A more optimal solution might be to avoid creating the final temporary
table when the query result is already stored in a temporary table.
The patch does not contain a test case, but the description of the
problem corresponds exactly what could be observed in the test
case for mdev-11081.

022aeda... by Kristian Nielsen on 2016-09-10

Attempt to fix strange rpm dependency issue following prior patch

58532f3... by Sergey Petrunia on 2016-11-20

Update the testcase for MDEV-10330

Instead of, truncate the P_S tables that are used
by the test. We don't want to query some irrelevant data.

f77bd5f... by Kristian Nielsen on 2016-09-10

Fix use of `require` in mysql-test-run.

The motivation for this is that Perl is moving towards not having
current directory ./ in @INC by default. This is causing to fail in latest Debian Unstable:

However, we have `use "lib"`, there is no need for current directory
in @INC, except for a gross hack. In, there is a
`require ""`, which hides away in mtr_cases
namespace. And things only work because loads it
with a different name, `require "lib/"`! (Perl will
`require` only once for each unique filename).

Fix this by only using `require` in main program, and referencing
functions with :: scope from other namespaces. For multi-use in
different namespaces, proper `use` modules should be used.

Signed-off-by: Kristian Nielsen <email address hidden>

d49cffa... by Otto Kekäläinen on 2016-11-12

Deb: provide the libmysqlclient shim packages that exist in Debian/Ubuntu

This way all 3rd party apps configured to build against any MySQL or
MariaDB version will pick up the libmariadb3-dev package instead.