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a3a9133... by Nirbhay Choubey on 2017-01-18

MDEV-7635: Update tests to adapt to the new default sql_mode

2805baf... by Nirbhay Choubey on 2017-01-12

MDEV-7635: SET shouldn't fail for invalid values in strict trans mode

fcd773e... by Nirbhay Choubey on 2017-01-12

MDEV-7635: Part 2


7ec3930... by Nirbhay Choubey on 2017-01-11

MDEV-11685: sql_mode can't be set with non-ascii connection charset

The supplied sql_mode(s) should be converted to ASCII first,
before comparing it with the sql_mode set.

d00e073... by Nirbhay Choubey on 2016-12-24

Revert "Make galera test suites default."

This reverts commit aaa3967db74a8d857390fe5c9d6104733bdd2ff6.

3923ad4... by Nirbhay Choubey on 2016-12-24

MDEV-7635: Disable rpl_row_index_choice (MDEV-11666)

fa4835e... by Nirbhay Choubey on 2016-12-23

MDEV-7635: Test fixes (--big)

292316e... by Nirbhay Choubey on 2016-12-22

MDEV-7635: Test fixes

f24cc0c... by Nirbhay Choubey on 2016-12-19

MDEV-7635: Part 1

innodb_autoinc_lock_mode = 2
innodb_buffer_pool_dump_at_shutdown = ON
innodb_buffer_pool_dump_pct = 25
innodb_buffer_pool_load_at_startup = ON
innodb_checksum_algorithm = CRC32
innodb_file_format = Barracuda
innodb_large_prefix = ON
innodb_log_compressed_pages = ON
innodb_purge_threads = 4
innodb_strict_mode = ON
binlog_annotate_row_events = ON
binlog_format = MIXED
binlog-row-event-max-size = 8192
group_concat_max_len = 1M
lock_wait_timeout = 86400
log_slow_admin_statements = ON
log_slow_slave_statements = ON
log_warnings = 2
max_allowed_packet = 16M
replicate_annotate_row_events = ON
slave_net_timeout = 60
sync_binlog = 1
aria_recover = BACKUP,QUICK
myisam_recover_options = BACKUP,QUICK

f122cc4... by Nirbhay Choubey on 2016-12-19

Make galera test suites default.