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9abdf11... by Sergey Petrunia on 2019-07-07

Update RocksDB the revision that fixes the compile error on power8

5ebef42... by Eugene on 2019-06-26

MDEV-19292 "Row size too large" error when creating table with lots columns when row format is DYNAMIC or COMPRESSED

Basic idea of the patch: disallow creating tables which allow to create
rows which are too big to insert. In other words, if user created a table user
should never see an errors like 'can not insert row as it is too big for current
page size'.

SET innodb_strict_mode=OFF; will allow to create very long tables and only a
warning will be issued.

dict_table_t::get_overflow_field_local_len(): this function lets know a maximum
local field len for overflow fields for every file and row format.

innobase_check_column_length(): improve name to too_big_key_part_length()
and reuse in a different part of code.

create_table_info_t::prepare_create_table(): add check for maximum allowed
key part length to keep ALGORITHM=COPY behavior similar to ALGORITHM=INPLACE
behavior. Affected test is innodb.strict_mode

Rename dict_index_too_big_for_tree() to
dict_index_t::rec_potentially_too_big(): copy overflow-related size computation
from dtuple_convert_big_rec(). A lot of tests was changed because of that.
I wonder whether users will complain about it?

Test innodb.max_record_size tests dict_index_t::rec_potentially_too_big()
for different row formats and page sizes.

044d0ff... by Jan Lindström on 2019-07-05

Disable MW-329 (badly written test case).

d3c2148... by Sergei Golubchik on 2019-07-03

MDEV-19942 Default installation of mariadb-server doesn't allow clients to use client plugins

while client tools technically don't need or depend on,
they need client plugins, that come with it.

7d56bdd... by Jan Lindström on 2019-07-05

Galera test fixes

Changes to be committed:
 modified: suite/galera/disabled.def
 modified: suite/galera/r/MW-329.result
 modified: suite/galera/r/galera_var_notify_cmd.result
 modified: suite/galera/t/MW-329.test
 modified: suite/galera/t/galera_binlog_stmt_autoinc.test
 modified: suite/galera/t/galera_var_notify_cmd.test

fee61ed... by Jan Lindström on 2019-07-03

MDEV-19939: Galera test failure on galera_toi_ddl_fk_insert

Add sync wait to make sure selects see correct consistent db.

24aa723... by Jan Lindström on 2019-07-03

Update Galera failing test list and record correct results
for passing ones.

Changes to be committed:
 new file: mysql-test/std_data/galera-cert.pem
 new file: mysql-test/std_data/galera-key.pem
 new file: mysql-test/std_data/galera-upgrade-ca-cert.pem
 new file: mysql-test/std_data/galera-upgrade-server-cert.pem
 new file: mysql-test/std_data/galera-upgrade-server-key.pem
 modified: mysql-test/suite/galera/disabled.def
 modified: mysql-test/suite/galera/r/MW-416.result
 modified: mysql-test/suite/galera/r/MW-44.result
 modified: mysql-test/suite/galera/r/galera_sst_mysqldump_with_key,debug.rdiff
 modified: mysql-test/suite/galera/r/galera_sst_mysqldump_with_key.result
 modified: mysql-test/suite/galera/t/MW-416.test
 modified: mysql-test/suite/galera/t/galera_kill_applier.test

c17b0b7... by Sergey Petrunia on 2019-07-03

MDEV-19936: MyRocks: compile fails on Windows

(Cumulative diff, back-port to 10.2)
Remove other unneeded files which cause compile
warnings-treated-as-errors errors on Windows.

69e1d65... by Jan Lindström on 2019-07-03

Update Galera failing test list.

24403da... by Marko Mäkelä on 2019-07-03

Remove unused const TABLE_HASH_SIZE