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714ca49... by Oleksandr Byelkin <email address hidden> on 2016-11-29

MDEV-11419: Report all INSERT ID for bulk operation INSERT

Send all Insert IDs of the buld operation to client (JDBC need it)

aad15ea... by varun on 2017-03-16

Test result for MDEV-10766 fixed

cd7e6d8... by varun on 2017-03-15

MDEV-11645: archive.archive fails in buildbot with valgrind (Use of uninitialised value)

The fix is about filling the space beyond the end of VARCHAR values with zeroes.
VARCHAR NULLs already has its buffer filled with zeros. So when the VARCHAR fields
are not NULL, then we explicitly fill the buffer with zeros.

6ac7541... by varun on 2017-03-15

MDEV-10766: Queries which start with WITH clause do not get inserted into query cache

Added conditions so that the WITH queries are also added to the query cache

122d070... by Oleksandr Byelkin <email address hidden> on 2017-01-24

MDEV-11761: CLIENT_DEPRECATE_EOF : Client must identify a "stored procedure output resultset"

fix proposed by Diego

5dd4d66... by Alexey Botchkov on 2017-03-15

Test result fixed.

b5285bd... by Marko Mäkelä on 2017-03-14

MDEV-11873 Unnecessary InnoDB warnings upon bootstrap

dict_create_or_check_foreign_constraint_tables(): Change the warning
about the foreign key metadata table creation to a note.

Remove messages after metadata table creation. If the creation fails,
startup will abort with a message. Normally the creation succeeds on
bootstrap, and the messages would only be noise.

Remove the related suppressions from the tests.

af6eee1... by Alexey Botchkov on 2017-03-14

MDEV-11833 JSON functions don't seem to respect max_allowed_packet.

        Now let's check JSON length to fit the max_allowed packet.

d0e8b42... by Alexey Botchkov on 2017-03-14

MDEV-12078 Using spatial index changes type from point to geometry

        In get_mm_tree we have to change Field_geom::geom_type to
        GEOMETRY as we have to let storing all types of the spatial features
        in the field. So now we restore the original geom_type as it's

7c7c069... by Alexey Botchkov on 2017-03-14

MDEV-11856 json_search doesn't search for values with double quotes
character (").

        The my_wildcmp function doesn't expect the string parameter to
        have escapements, only the template. So the string
        should be unescaped if necessary.