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24174cf... by Sergei Golubchik

fix func_encrypt_nossl test to work as it was supposed to

it is designed for no-ssl builds, since 5.5 it's only embedded

fe8b99d... by Sergei Golubchik

MDEV-27104 deprecate DES_ENCRYPT/DECRYPT functions

90c3b28... by Brandon Nesterenko

MDEV-20122: Deprecate MASTER_USE_GTID=Current_Pos to favor new MASTER_DEMOTE_TO_SLAVE option

New Feature:
This feature adds a safe replacement to the
MASTER_USE_GTID=Current_Pos option for CHANGE MASTER TO as
MASTER_DEMOTE_TO_SLAVE=<bool>. The use case of Current_Pos is to
transition a master to become a slave; however, can break
replication state if the slave executes local transactions due to
actively updating gtid_current_pos with gtid_binlog_pos and

MASTER_DEMOTE_TO_SLAVE changes this use case by forcing users to set
Using_Gtid=Slave_Pos and merging gtid_binlog_pos into gtid_slave_pos
once at CHANGE MASTER TO time. Note that if gtid_slave_pos is more
recent than gtid_binlog_pos (as in the case of chain replication),
the replication state should be preserved.

Additionally, deprecate the `Current_Pos` option of MASTER_USE_GTID
to suggest the safe alternative option MASTER_DEMOTE_TO_SLAVE=TRUE.

Reviewed By:
Andrei Elkin <email address hidden>

5ab5ff0... by Brandon Nesterenko

MDEV-19801: Change defaults for CHANGE MASTER TO so that GTID-based replication is used by default if master supports it

This commit makes replicas crash-safe by default by changing the
Using_Gtid value to be Slave_Pos on a fresh slave start and after
RESET SLAVE is issued. If the primary server does not support GTIDs
(i.e., version < 10), the replica will fall back to Using_Gtid=No on
slave start and after RESET SLAVE.

The following additional informational messages/warnings are added:

 1. When Using_Gtid is automatically changed. That is, if RESET
SLAVE reverts Using_Gtid back to Slave_Pos, or Using_Gtid is
inferred to No from a CHANGE MASTER TO given with log coordinates
 2. If options are ignored in CHANGE MASTER TO. If CHANGE MASTER TO
is given with log coordinates, yet also specifies
MASTER_USE_GTID=Slave_Pos, a warning message is given that the log
coordinate options are ignored.

Additionally, an MTR macro has been added for RESET SLAVE,, which provides modes/options for resetting a slave
in log coordinate or gtid modes. When in log coordinates mode, the
macro will execute CHANGE MASTER TO MASTER_USE_GTID=No after the
RESET SLAVE command. When in GTID mode, an extra parameter,
reset_slave_keep_gtid_state, can be set to reset or preserve the
value of gtid_slave_pos.

Reviewed By:
Andrei Elkin <email address hidden>

8c2faad... by Sergey Petrunia

MDEV-28929: Plan selection takes forever with MDEV-28852 ...
Part #2: Extend heuristic pruning to use multiple tables as the
"Model tables".

Before the patch, heuristic pruning uses only one "Model table":
The table which had the best cost AND record became the "Model table".
After that, if a table's cost and record were both worse than
those of the Model Table, the table would be pruned away.

This didn't work well when the first table (the optimizer sorts them
by record_count) had low record_count but relatively high cost: nothing
could be pruned afterwards.

The patch adds the two additional "Model tables": one with the least
cost and the other with the least record_count.
(In both cases, a table can be pruned away if BOTH its cost and
record_count are worse than those of a Model table)

The new pruning is active when the number of tables to consider for
the prefix is higher than @@optimizer_extra_pruning_depth.

One can see the new pruning in the Optimizer Trace as
- "pruned_by_heuristic":"min_record_count", or
- "pruned_by_heuristic":"min_read_time".
Old heuristic pruning shows as "pruned_by_heuristic":1.

afadd58... by Oleg Smirnov

MDEV-28881 Fix memory leak caused by STL usage

Dep_analysis_context::create_unique_pseudo_key_if_needed() was using
std::set which allocated memory outside MEM_ROOT and so required
explicit deallocation. This has been solved by replacing std::set with
MY_BITMAP which is allocated on MEM_ROOT

c03d50f... by Oleg Smirnov

MDEV-28881 Server crash in Dep_analysis_context::create_table_value

SELECT_LEX::first_select()->join is NULL for degenerate derived tables
which are known to have just one row and so were already materialized
by the optimizer.
This commit adds a check for this.

7f0201a... by Oleg Smirnov

MDEV-26278 Add functionality to eliminate derived tables from the query

Elimination of unnecessary tables from SQL queries is already present
in MariaDB. But it only works for regular tables and not for derived ones.

Imagine we have a view:
  CREATE VIEW v1 AS SELECT a, b, max(c) AS maxc FROM t1 GROUP BY a, b

Due to "GROUP BY a, b" the values of combinations {a, b} are unique,
and this fact can be treated as like derived table "v1" has a unique key
on fields {a, b}.

Suppose we have a SQL query:
  SELECT t2.* FROM t2 LEFT JOIN v1 ON t2.a=v1.a and t2.b=v1.b

1. Since {v1.a, v1.b} is unique and both these fields are bound to t2,
   "v1" is functionally dependent on t2.
   This means every record of "t2" will be either joined with
   a single record of "v1" or NULL-complemented.
2. No fields of "v1" are present on the SELECT list

These two facts allow the server to completely exclude (eliminate)
the derived table "v1" from the query.

1f0187f... by Monty <email address hidden>

Reduced size of POSITION

Replaced Cost_estimate prefix_cost with a double as prefix_cost was
only used to store and retrive total prefix cost.

This also speeds up things (a bit) as don't have to call
Cost_estimate::total_cost() for every access to the prefix_cost.

Sizeof POSITION decreased from 304 to 256.

fbbc634... by Monty <email address hidden>

Added current_cost and best_cost to optimizer trace when pruning by cost

This helps a lot when trying to find out why a table combination was pruned