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4113f1a... by Sergey Petrunia on 2017-01-25

Merge branch 'grooverdan-10.1-MDEV-11866-ANALYZE-FORMAT=JSON-volatility-normalise' into 10.1

9394bc0... by Sergey Petrunia on 2017-01-25

Merge branch '10.1-MDEV-11866-ANALYZE-FORMAT=JSON-volatility-normalise' of git:// into grooverdan-10.1-MDEV-11866-ANALYZE-FORMAT=JSON-volatility-normalise

86ca135... by sachin on 2017-01-24

Revert "MDEV-7409 On RBR, extend the PROCESSLIST info to include at least the name of the recently used table"

This reverts commit 15f46d517435f3570e2c788349637a06d818a619.

15f46d5... by sachin on 2017-01-23

MDEV-7409 On RBR, extend the PROCESSLIST info to include at least the name of the recently used table

When RBR is used, add the db name to db Field and table name to Status
Field of the "SHOW FULL PROCESSLIST" command for SQL thread.

10b1f4d... by Daniel Black on 2017-01-23

MDEV-11866: ANALYZE FORMAT=JSON not predicatable for r_total_time_ms/r_buffer_size

[0-9]*[.]?[0-9]* wasn't a sufficient regex to cover the
%lg used in Json_writer::add_double. Exponent formats
where missed.

Here we normalize all the replace_regex expressions for
ANALYZE FORMAT=JSON into one include file.

Signed-off-by: Daniel Black <email address hidden>

b7b4c33... by Jan Lindström on 2017-01-22

MDEV-11614: Syslog messages: "InnoDB: Log sequence number

at the start 759654123 and the end 0 do not match."

For page compressed and encrypted tables log sequence
number at end is not stored, thus disable this message
for them.

213fc70... by varun on 2017-01-20

MDEV-10232: Scalar result of subquery changes after adding an outer select stmt

In a subquery, we don't have to maintain order
Added a fix such that order is considered when there is a limit clause.

8a4d605... by Jan Lindström on 2017-01-19

MDEV-11838: Innodb-encryption-algorithm default should be != none

Change default to zlib, this has effect only if user has
explicitly requested page compression and then user
naturally expects that pages are really compressed
if they can be compressed.

dc557ca... by Jan Lindström on 2017-01-19

MDEV-11835: InnoDB: Failing assertion: free_slot != NULL on

restarting server with encryption and read-only Temporary slots used in encryption was calculated
by read_threads * write_threads. However, in read-only mode
write_threads is zero. Correct way is to calculate
(read_threads + write_threads) * max pending IO requests.

a146385... by Daniel Bartholomew <email address hidden> on 2017-01-18

bump the VERSION