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0934c5d... by Rasmus Johansson <email address hidden> on 2019-06-17

MDEV-19781 Create MariaDB named commands on Windows

220185c... by Rasmus Johansson on 2019-05-18

MDEV-17591 Create MariaDB named commands/symlinks

1e3dc15... by Vladislav Vaintroub on 2019-06-04

Use generated user_settings.h for WolfSSL, as recommended by WolfSSL

Apparently, WolfSSL wants to have *exactly* the same defines for
the user of the library as the was when building library itself.

A lot of #defines have an impact on ABI (structure sizes, alignment etc)

4ec302e... by Vladislav Vaintroub on 2019-06-14

WolfSSL : Fix crosscompiling i386 on x86_64, on Linux

e22d2cf... by Faustin on 2019-02-12

fix typo support-files/

Co-Authored-By: grooverdan <email address hidden>

764a10a... by Daniel Black on 2019-02-12

MDEV-11670: mariadb@.service remove alias, clean up documentation/order

6e5c246... by Daniel Black on 2019-02-12

MDEV-11670: ensure sysconfdir/sysconf2dir are not blank for mariadb@.service

91f1694... by Daniel Black on 2019-01-18

systemd: multi-instance not for Galera, User/Group flexible

By removing Galera functionality, we remove PermissionsStartOnly=true
and hence make this service more flexible for running multiple
instances each on a different user.

3a0a570... by Daniel Black on 2017-12-12

systemd: multi-instance changes to -defaults-group-suffix=.%I

When the multi-instance systemd service file was chosen it effectively
relied on /etc/my.cnf.d/my{instancename}.cnf file to define its
configuration file. This is problematic if running along side a
single instance mariadb service which has /etc/my.cnf that reads all
configuration file /etc/my.cnf.d/*.cnf.

To prevent the service from auto starting up if a user has this
previous configuration ConditionPathExists=!@sysconf2dir@/my%I.cnf
to ensure that a user with the previous configuration isn't
started in a non-intended mode. Documentation in the service file
(should be release notes too), described a recommended migration.

A new approach was to use --defaults-group-suffix=.%I as an
arguement to mysqld and let the user define a [mysqld.{instancename}]
group within the configuration file. This way existing global
mysqld configuration options are read with the instance name
having special overrides of datadir, port, socket etc.

A systemd environment variable MYSQLD_MULTI_INSTANCE is used in the
defination as it give the user flexability to use multiple
segregation mechanisms between services. This is used multiple
times within the service which all needed to be kept consistent.

Another notable change is mysql_install_db being part of the
ExecStartPre. This provides and auto-initialization for users
that run multiple instances.

e5fab61... by Marko Mäkelä on 2019-06-14

MDEV-6275: Use a non-narrowing conversion

On 32-bit systems, sizeof(uint)==sizeof(long).
The C++11 narrowing cast would issue a warning due to the sign mismatch.