Last commit made on 2019-08-28
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bc942da... by varun on 2019-08-28

fix for rows of range scan

b6dd666... by varun on 2019-08-28

applying limit if there is ref-access to sort-nest tables (records_read in POSITION structure don't have the limit applied)

7d75dd2... by varun on 2019-08-28

Added comments to best_extension_by_limited_search

eae4079... by varun on 2019-08-28

Minor fix, make sure rows in EXPLAIN for range access shows the correct estimate for order by limit cases

95aa349... by varun on 2019-08-27

More tests

50b2271... by varun on 2019-08-27

Disabled transform for Item_cache

449e7ff... by varun on 2019-08-27

More tests added which use index on the first table for ordering

19f97ea... by varun on 2019-08-27

Followup fix

ac31990... by varun on 2019-08-27

Added a new parameter to the transform function to be able to tranform the inner contents of the subquery

2ef8012... by varun on 2019-08-26

Handled the case when ordering by index is done in reverse order