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9f1d752... by Marko Mäkelä on 2019-02-20

WIP MDEV-17805: Remove InnoDB cache for temporary tables

The intention is to link dict_table_t to TABLE_SHARE.

FIXME: Implement ha_innobase::delete_table() for temporary tables.
FIXME: Implement rollback of ha_innobase::create() for temporary tables.

FIXME: Currently, DBUG_ASSERT(s) fails in ha_innobase::open() because
we fail to pass the InnoDB_share from ha_innobase::create().
This seems to happen for any ALTER TABLE that uses ALGORITHM=COPY

(Old note from December, maybe not true any more:)
An assignment to TABLE_SHARE::ha_share would not work either, because
create() and open() will use different TABLE_SHARE.

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