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d7ba72e... by Brad Smith

Remove Darwin CMake file

The file is now empty and thus serves no purpose.

50a2a8b... by fluesvamp <email address hidden>

Update docs INSTALL BINARY to mention mariadb tar file instead

f2830af... by fluesvamp <email address hidden>

Fix typos in the codebase.

195833f... by qggcs <email address hidden>

refactor: remove redundant assignments

c0fe31c... by Oleksandr "Sanja" Byelkin

fix of MDEV-12325 patch: symetric changes in sql_yacc_ora

4a53253... by Monty <email address hidden>

Fixed that sp-no-valgrind.test is disabled on valgrind builds (not runs)

a5a9fcd... by Monty <email address hidden>

MDEV-12325 Unexpected data type and truncation when using CTE

When creating a recursive CTE, the column types are taken from the
non recursive part of the CTE (this is according to the SQL standard).

This patch adds code to abort the CTE if the calculated values in the
recursive part does not fit in the fields in the created temporary table.

The new code only affects recursive CTE, so it should not cause any notable
problems for old applications.

Other things:
- Fixed that we get correct row numbers for warnings generated with

Reviewer: Alexander Barkov <email address hidden>

43c7f6a... by Daniel Black

MDEV-18702: mysqldump: add variable 'max-statement-time' (mtr fix)

Disable for embedded as mysqldump cannot connect to embedded server.

992b510... by Oleksandr "Sanja" Byelkin

Fix compile errors.

37a3d44... by Sergey Petrunia

MDEV-23809: Server crash in JOIN_CACHE::free ...: part #2

Part #2: make sure we allocate space for two JOIN_TABs that
use temporary tables.
The dbug_join_tab_array_size is still set to catch cases where
we try to access more JOIN_TAB object than we thought we would have.