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David Gomes (davidgomes) wrote :

>val = Sequence<string>.get ( ( (SequenceIter<string>) iter.user_data));

Always put a space before a parenthese '(' unless there are two or more in a row, so the above line should be:

>val = Sequence<string>.get (((SequenceIter<string>) iter.user_data));

Another example:

success = GPod.iTunesDB.cp_track_to_ipod(added, File.new_for_uri(s.uri).get_path());

success = GPod.iTunesDB.cp_track_to_ipod (added, File.new_for_uri (s.uri).get_path ());

Also, you're mixing tabs and spaces for indentation, I know it's not entirely your fault, because the file was probably a mess already, but if you could turn all to spaces (or all to tabs if that's what tintou is using), I'd really like it.

review: Needs Fixing

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