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Manoj Iyer (manjo) wrote :

Regarding the possibility of gpio_key.12 being used by other systems to map to some other trigger, I put in the check that the gpio_key.12 is associated with power control (keys=116). '116' is supposedly linux generic power control in DTS. There is no uniq idSystem or idVendor for device /dev/input/event0 as you can see from udevadm output, therefore I tried to use the best available combination as a safety check. It would have been nice if HP's fw had something like idSystem or idVendor attribute to /dev/input/event0 but that does not exist, in which case, this patch will enable power control for any system vendor (Other than the one the patch in intended for) that describes in DTS, the trigger gpio_key.12 as power control (116).

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