Code review comment for lp:~mandel/ubuntuone-control-panel/auto-update-looping-call

Manuel de la Peña (mandel) wrote :

> * The file ubuntuone/controlpanel/gui/qt/tests/ submitted in
> this branch is changing the EOLs to windows style, and we should have unix
> EOLs in all the files.

Hm.. strange I used vim on linux to edit that.. let me double check and make sure its ok.

> * Also, like alecu mentioned, we are working on having the QT control panel
> running only a Qt main loop in Linux, since we need to drop the dependency on
> the qt4reactor in that OS because we can't file a MIR for it (at least for
> now). So, since the autoupdate code is only relevant to windows, we'd need to
> move all that (included the LoopingCall, which brings in the need of a twisted
> reactor) to a windows-specific location, for example, main/
> I'd suggest to move the 'start' method to the 'main/' python package, and have
> all the autoupdate code moved to main/
> Sorry if I was not explicit about this before, but the goal of dropping the
> qt4reactor in Linux is a rather new objective.
> Let me know if you need further assistance!
> Thanks.

Sure, no problem, its a rather old branch so moving qt to linux is a new thing. I'll get it fix for today.

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