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Natalia Bidart (nataliabidart) wrote :

* The file ubuntuone/controlpanel/gui/qt/tests/ submitted in this branch is changing the EOLs to windows style, and we should have unix EOLs in all the files.

* Also, like alecu mentioned, we are working on having the QT control panel running only a Qt main loop in Linux, since we need to drop the dependency on the qt4reactor in that OS because we can't file a MIR for it (at least for now). So, since the autoupdate code is only relevant to windows, we'd need to move all that (included the LoopingCall, which brings in the need of a twisted reactor) to a windows-specific location, for example, main/

I'd suggest to move the 'start' method to the 'main/' python package, and have all the autoupdate code moved to main/

Sorry if I was not explicit about this before, but the goal of dropping the qt4reactor in Linux is a rather new objective.

Let me know if you need further assistance!

review: Needs Fixing

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