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819627e... by Adam Sutton

dvb: add NULL ptr check on save param. Fixes #1873.

098b7de... by Adam Sutton

build: remove oneiric and add saucy support

d600a40... by John Törnblom

transcoder: fixed memory leak of pkt headers

6c9bff1... by Dave Chapman <email address hidden>

Ensure PCR PID is passed to the passthrough muxer when it is not the same as a content PID

f5c5ffd... by User Decke <email address hidden>

tvhpoll: various fixes for tvhpoll on FreeBSD

- kqueue filters are not bitmasks so we need to treat them a bit different
- Properly check timeout because default value is -1
- Use correct variable kevent.filter to detect which event was triggered
- Fix building on FreeBSD i386

2b64995... by John Törnblom

transcoding: fixed copy & paste error, making it impossible to disable transcoding from the webui once enabled.

012ed06... by John Törnblom

transcoding: added option to enable/disable transcoding from the webif

e84acea... by Dave Chapman <email address hidden>

Fix typo in epggrab online help - thanks to jasa for spotting.

7dd6a7b... by John Törnblom

transcoding: resync pts when audio frames are dropped.

12e542b... by John Törnblom

html5video: detect errors on the source element (tested in ff & opera)