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faee94b... by Adam Sutton

Fix #1459 - fix removal of all autorec recordings on startup

There were 2 issues here:
- recent changes meant that recordings were purged on every startup
- long standing issue meant complete recordings were removed on
  removal of an autorec rule (which I don't think was intended).
(cherry picked from commit d23f60b0311abc3d0b516bbd7ab5163e7cdfdc43)

661124c... by John Törnblom

muxers: make sure pvr muxer is freed
(cherry picked from commit bf59755681f87157447fe865f46f849348e3255d)

e09a52f... by John Törnblom

muxers: make sure the default file descriptor for the matroska muxer is an invalid one, not stdout.
(cherry picked from commit 70f0801c9b30e0704835f0a085aaecb8c7a562f5)

72b4cd2... by John Törnblom

muxers: make sure the default file descriptor for the passthrough muxer is an invalid one, not stdout.
(cherry picked from commit 442d69544530fb0deea4a524512db0a6a3899f1f)

98f5e89... by Jaroslav Kysela <email address hidden>

Fix #1453 - Fix autorec init issue (duplicate entries)

With previous init change, the scheduled events may be duplicated. Split
the dvr_autorec_init() to two phases:

1) load the autorec list
2) update the scheduled events after dvr db is initialized
(cherry picked from commit 4419dde14b4b98a9ee39d5b47b7fc9ca2f6a79d7)

165e3d4... by Adam Sutton

Fix #1454 - Remove usage of non re-entrant strtok()

Thanks to Jaroslav Kysela <email address hidden> for providing the initial fix.
(cherry picked from commit 86fac417c20734383e904e38169f1c88b42a6da9)
(cherry picked from commit 7d97d1f648ed720785eac367481d8e56ea8f1ff8)
(cherry picked from commit a420c83a0e0d2c31c2c15d0fec6fedc3f5a36dfe)

c9e438e... by Adam Sutton

Fix #1423 - ensure that XMLTV grabber search does not crash.

It appears that if paths are duplicated in the PATH env variable the
internal search algorithm failed to detect this and could crash due to
an assert in the internal modlue registration code.
(cherry picked from commit 563b8f8c51a4fa0ee33c0ae8786f3fec84f70b4d)

b6862fe... by =?utf-8?q?Jernej_Fija=C4=8Dko?= <email address hidden>

[PR-178] Close file pointer after the call to fb_size(fp)
(cherry picked from commit 5d2197c30fe4774f25ba9404287436d51a215578)

e444d80... by Adam Sutton

Fix #1407 - skip unused ISO 8859 control codes.

This had the effect of placing unwanted spaces into various channel
names where the broadcaster was sending these control chars.

Thanks to Rene Herbrich for diagnosing this.
(cherry picked from commit 8a48fe8214df98fc7cd7f23fb210971921d6282c)

897d243... by John Törnblom

Fix #1266 - make sure there is metadata available before atempting to mux it with a recording
(cherry picked from commit ed5d7e4977f0090f215898a297ae8906d7e9e879)