Last commit made on 2012-07-30
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5084ca6... by Adam Sutton

Reject muxes that fail to tune (almost always out of range due to bad autodiscovery) and ensure this is also locked in initial scan stats.

d059d80... by Adam Sutton

Fix yet another stupid mistake in my preconf mod.

507392d... by Adam Sutton

Add users full set of groups to process permission list.

bc59370... by Adam Sutton

Minor correction to the handling of content types in DVR auto rec table.

425e9f7... by Adam Sutton

Bugger! another printf left in the code.

f0e0181... by Adam Sutton

Oops, remove printf.

9560a85... by Adam Sutton

Make it possible to get at underlying dvb filter table definition.

0b00124... by Adam Sutton

Minor mod to wd and hts settings to allow abs paths to be passed to hts_settings_load().

dcbcf4f... by Adam Sutton

Some additional XML helpers.

26569fc... by Adam Sutton

Fix false trigger of uninit var, detected using gcc v4.7.1 (compiling openelec tvh add-on), reported by seo.