Last commit made on 2013-03-07
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404316f... by Adam Sutton

timeshift: add return to live function to HTSP

f339c08... by Adam Sutton

time: hide some debug messages to limit spamming logs

c862269... by Adam Sutton

timeshift: minor mod to htsp to flush output buffer on skip

5d8af1a... by Dave Chapman <email address hidden>

Swap the order of the PAT and PMT packets injected by the passthrough muxer - it is more logical to write the PAT first, followed by the PMT, as that is the order parsers will need to process the packets.

4724e01... by Dave Chapman <email address hidden>

Remove unused files iptv_output.[ch] and tsmux.[ch] and related code

229a8d7... by Adam Sutton

timeshift: fix bug that can cause failure when seeking hits start of file

this resulted in a failed read that terminated the timeshift buffer.

c54c91b... by Adam Sutton

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/pr/254'

7764b56... by Andrew Martin

documentation updates

- fix typos/misspellings in documentation
- fix broken link on how to build Tvheadend
- standardize on most commonly used capitalization of "Tvheadend"
- update copyright year to 2013
- break up the handful of run-on lines

231e7b5... by Adam Sutton

build: fix mistakes in previous build system updates

6b94edb... by John Smith <email address hidden>

dvb: fix bug causing failures in service discovery using SDT