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a454305... by Adam Sutton

htsp: bump version to 8

New imagecache URLs will break XBMCs pvr.hts which already reports v7.

8de4efe... by Adam Sutton

imagecache: fix re-fetch period mistake.

f7f1051... by Adam Sutton

htsp: make DVR file open compatible with webui URLs.

fe5fd68... by Adam Sutton

imagecache: fix mistake in imagecache address checking.

This will still may not work if the server is behind a proxy, as this
could lead to the wrong IP being detected.

For clients with HTSPv7 support they will only get the /imagecache/ID
part of the URL and will have to add the rest.

Note: there will be a number of clients that may report v7 support
but not be fully compliant due to the release schedules etc... users
in this position will not be able to use the image caching.

c066cf4... by Dave Chapman <email address hidden>

Fix javascript error (typo) spotted by andyb2000

c9088eb... by Dave Chapman <email address hidden>

Add support for the DVB terrestrial delivery descriptor (i.e. auto-detection of DVB-T muxes). Note that DVB-T2 is a different descriptor and not included in this commit.

93fe784... by Adam Sutton

[PR-174] - Replaced user submitted icon cache with more generic image cache.

This allows file:// paths to be specified for channel icons even if image
cache support is disabled.

The image cache functionality is compile time optional (for those without
curl support) and also run-time configurable for those that don't want it.

All images, including EPG ones should be cached.

acdc094... by Andy Brown

[PR-174] - Icon caching support to reduce overhead on upstream providers.

2b0e495... by Adam Sutton

webui: simplification of the tvheadend_webroot processing.

2488fe7... by Adam Sutton

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/pr/201'