Last commit made on 2013-05-13
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29f715f... by Dave Chapman <email address hidden>

Bump HTSP protocol version to 11 for the recent transcoding changes and the addition of the audio_type field

477fa0a... by Dave Chapman <email address hidden>

Add saving/loading of audio_type, and also display it in the webui

4b86d2f... by Dave Chapman <email address hidden>

Parse the audio_type field of the iso639_language_descriptor - this indicates if the audio stream contains audio description for the hard of hearing. Use this value when regenerating the PMT for the passthrough muxer, and also include it in the HTSP stream description messages.

60bdb16... by John Törnblom

Added initial support for transcoding.

84c1c05... by Adam Sutton

dvb: fix mistake in NIT processing.

This was stopping some DVB-C networks from being properly scanned.

a2ccbb2... by Adam Sutton

support: remove natty and add raring to the build list

143128c... by Adam Sutton

Fix #1703 - tvhlog: took too many liberties with previous va_list fix

3416184... by Adam Sutton

Fix #1682 - support: version script outputs something even if .git is missing

c83b0cb... by Adam Sutton

dvb: remove the create only tv/radio services, this was a bad idea!

d4883d9... by Adam Sutton

docs: some minor documentation updates