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8abbbcb... by Flole998 <email address hidden>

Make sure we spawn the best matching executable and not the first match

Fixes: #1632

771504e... by DeltaMikeCharlie <email address hidden>

Show SeriesLink for AutoRecs

df46dea... by DeltaMikeCharlie <email address hidden>

Add some ERRNOs for DVR & Config

595bbaa... by Flole998 <email address hidden>

Shorten time for stale issues before a warning is applied

c3a7ce1... by Flole998 <email address hidden>

Add missing tvheadend-prefix in JS file

Fixes 2ca8a19e4c8761af1a6653fed09af658e9cd5b67

2ca8a19... by Steve Switzer

Add support for 12-hour custom date formats

4430ee7... by Flole998 <email address hidden>

Add missing htmsg_destroy() call in hdhomerun_server_discover

2b0b6a4... by Flole998 <email address hidden>

Replace single-bit signed integers with unsigned integers

Single bit signed integers contain a single sign-byte and zero value
bytes according to the C99 standard. This is not inteded here.

15e1e3f... by Flole998 <email address hidden>

ci: Enforce rebasing PRs before merging

Replaces the old, broken action

6372bd0... by "transifex-integration[bot]" <43880903+transifex-integration[bot]@users.noreply.github.com>

intl: Translate intl/js/tvheadend.js.pot in pl

100% translated source file: 'intl/js/tvheadend.js.pot'
on 'pl'.