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4c13e20... by Flole998 <email address hidden>

Fix potential memory leak

81838db... by Flole998 <email address hidden>

Ignore PCRE2 illegal accesses

See https://lists.exim.org/lurker/message/20160113.163710.006b34b9.en.html

4355488... by Flole998 <email address hidden>

Avoid leaking iptv fd's

8f88774... by Jumper78 <email address hidden>

Added support for ATSC text mode == 0x3F

Added support for ATSC text mode == 0x3F

handling of ATSC text mode == 0x3F (Select Unicode, UTF-16 Form) is added by calling atsc_utf16_to_utf8

+ change to bytecount instead of srclen

4741b3c... by Michael Marley

Fix FTBFS introduced by 86f3617c8972c5362e51cee7d34cc2d69d799126

86f3617... by Flole998 <email address hidden>

Fix crash when mpegts_service_refresh tries to open the CAT again

d25c19d... by Norm Raden <email address hidden>

Added more 'text modes' to the ATSC Multiple String Structure decoder and convert text to UTF-8. (Fixes #5162)

 - Added support for decoding ATSC's "Multiple String Structure" text modes 0x1-0x6, 0x9-0x10, 0x20-0x27, 0x30-0x33.
 - Convert decoded text to UTF-8 instead of ISO-8859-1.
 - For unsupported 'compression types' or 'text modes' return a text string "[comptype=0x??,mode=0x??]" indicating
   the attempted compression type and text mode instead of the text segment.

Text output from ATSC's "Multiple String Structure" decoder should properly render in web browsers, specifically Unicode characters >= 0x80.

ca756e3... by Damien Fouilleul <email address hidden>

Allow network scan to modify muxes

When 'change muxes' option for network discovery is enabled, allow network scan to modify muxes rather than duplicate them on minor changes such as FEC

1fa49af... by Norm Raden <email address hidden>

Fixed and cleanup the "PSIP: ATSC Grabber" module (Fixes #5610)

 - Bumped up limit on number of supported EIT/ETT tables from 5 to 256 (this is the max number of EIT/ETT tables in the ATSC specification)
 - Remove table type 4 as a valid ETT table, there is no support for this table here and table type 4 doesn't supply any EPG data--just long names for channels/services, etc.
 - Removed the very rapid toggling between mpegts_table_{add,destroy}(...) calls on EIT/ETT tables that caused continuous enabling/disabling of EIT and ETT PIDs.
 - Added an 'ETM Location' check to EIT table handling to ensure that an event's extra text is cleared in the EPG database if there is no matching ETT.
 - Removed epg_broadcast_change_finish(...) because it was erasing the extra text field in EPG database when updating title in EPG database (in EIT handler).
 - Added the ability for receiving ETT tables with the same version ID. ETT tables use the same version ID for long runs of event IDs and 'Extra text's.
 - Fix bug in retrieving the number of tables EIT/ETT tables listed in the MGT table.

 - Removed the psip_{find,remove,add}_desc(...) functions (and supporting code) that stored ETT extra texts before
   there was a matching EIT event and then would try to match up the ETT extra texts when the EIT event showed up.
   However, the psip_*_desc(..) functions didn't keep track of the channel and would match up the ETT 'Extra text' with the wrong EIT event.

 - Removed some non-functional code.
 - Removed old commented out test code.

 - Added placeholder support for 'stop' and 'done' functions of this module for future development.

The "Over-the-air: PSIP: ATSC Grabber" module now quickly and correctly populates 'Title', 'Extra text', 'Start time', 'End time', 'Duration', etc... fields in the EPG Database.

1c65e8b... by Kari Tiirikainen <email address hidden>

Regexps for the finnish EIT scraping

 Changes to be committed:
 new file: fi