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f43c878... by Flole998 <email address hidden>

Disable mmal due to unavailability for Coverity-Build

25da8ff... by Flole998 <email address hidden>

Enable tvhcsa and memoryinfo for Coverity-Build

90f029d... by Flole998 <email address hidden>

Add nvidia-cuda-dev dependency for Coverity-Build

b3648da... by Flole998 <email address hidden>

Add libva-dev dependency for Coverity-Build

4be1294... by Flole998 <email address hidden>

Add omx dependency for Coverity-Build

bed37ea... by Flole998 <email address hidden>

Revert "Update debian/compat to version 10"

This reverts commit 2a370dd17fcac7e587d45fd9971e346536379ea3.

905b4f0... by dave-p <email address hidden>

Ignore title mismatch if dup checking by CRID

Some channels add "New: " to the title if this is the first showing, so a title match with repeats will fail.

2a370dd... by =?utf-8?q?Micha=C5=82_Janiszewski?= <email address hidden>

Update debian/compat to version 10

Compat version 10 was declared recommended in 2016.

An important change introduced in 10 was change of default to target
parallel builds

While version 13 is the currently recommended one, it is too new for
systems in use


5948200... by Peter Bašista

Unify command time range to 10-300 ms

Unify the allowed range of command time
for rotors, switches and unicable devices.

1620218... by Peter Bašista

Unify power up time range to 10-500 ms

Unify the allowed range of power up time
for rotors, switches and unicable devices.