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b2deed9... by Shane Synan

ci: [mac] Update Qt 5 supported Xcode to v13.x

Xcode 12.4 is no longer available. Update to the latest version Qt 5
supports (13.x).

This fixes build failures.

See https://doc.qt.io/qt-5/macos.html

ced8ef7... by Daniel Albers

Support submodules in GitHub workflows

4251006... by Daniel Albers

Move translations to a submodule

f025842... by Shane Synan

ci: Fix Craft Windows build by ignoring Python 2

Fix the Craft Windows CI build by ignoring the Python 2 build
dependency from QtWebEngine. As we rely on KDE's prebuilt packages,
this does not affect us.

This matches GitHub's Windows Server 2022 images

See the GitHub image migration notes here:

Thanks to `TheOneRing` on `#quassel` for the help!

367fc85... by Mike Gilbert

cmake: avoid de-duplication of user's CXXFLAGS

Use the "SHELL:" prefix behavior introduced in cmake 3.12 to avoid the
option de-duplication behavior of add_compile_options().

Bug: https://bugs.gentoo.org/830738

c8ddabf... by Dimitris Apostolou <email address hidden>

Fix typos

0fdc92b... by Manuel Nickschas

Post-release version bump

da9c1c9... by Manuel Nickschas

Bump version for release 0.14.0

e1ab556... by Manuel Nickschas

Update ChangeLog

fdaaad3... by Manuel Nickschas

tests: Build core tests only if core is actually being built

Building of the core-specific unit tests must be conditional on the
core actually being built.