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ef3e54f... by Manuel Nickschas

dcc: Add settings page for DCC configuration

be04b68... by Manuel Nickschas

dcc: Add persistent settings for core-side DCC

This introduces a new syncable object DccConfig that holds core-side
DCC settings, such as the network configuration. The configuration
is persisted as a per-user setting in the database.

The CoreSession's DccConfig instance is synced to connected clients
and accessible via the Client singleton.

f459864... by Manuel Nickschas

dcc: Clean up TransferManager a bit

bfa14a6... by Manuel Nickschas

common: Work around SFINAE issues in MSVC

MSVC 2015 still has... issues with SFINAE, so the usual way to use
std::enable_if doesn't compile. So let's try and SFINAE this in a
different way until MS fixes their compiler.

050a922... by Manuel Nickschas

dcc: Name TransferManager object for syncing

This magically fixes older clients who try to sync an unnamed
TransferManager with unknown data types.

850493d... by Manuel Nickschas

common: Remove unused Exception type

Also fix a typo in docs.

933e1bf... by Manuel Nickschas

common: Add generic stream operators for enum types

These operators use the underlying type of a given enum to
(de)serialize to and from QDataStream.

92b1408... by Manuel Nickschas

dcc: Retrieve transfer list on TransferManager change

If TransferModel is given a new manager, it should retrieve the
list of transfers just in case (even though, in practice, the manager
should not hold any transfers right after sync).

05148c3... by Manuel Nickschas

dcc: Always clean up if a transfer completed or failed

8443ab1... by Manuel Nickschas

dcc: Properly sync TransferManager

Existing transfers were not synced to the client. With this commit,
the list of transfer IDs is marked as a Q_PROPERTY and thus synced
Also provides the necessary serialization support.