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9cb22a9... by Manuel Nickschas

Yearly bump

It's 2013 in the 0.8 branch as well!

13a63e4... by Felix Geyer

Allow the core to use expired certificates.

The core should only display a warning but not ignore the certificate
if it's expired.
This is especially useful for self-signed certificates.

55aa092... by Felix Geyer

Support intermediate CA certificates.

The server needs to send the intermediate CA certs if the client only
has the root CA in his trusted cert pool.

The .pem cert file needs to look like this:
[key], [server cert], [intermediate CAs], [root CA]

b60f433... by Manuel Nickschas

Bump inxi script to 1.7.31

3ade6e1... by Manuel Nickschas

Fix includes

Using the <QtCore> and <QtGui> includes is bad, because it introduces unnecessary slowness during
compilation; also, Qt5 moved some stuff around (e.g. from QtGui to QtWidgets).

So remove these, and add the proper #includes where needed instead.

d643d4a... by Manuel Nickschas

Properly handle QGenericReturnArgument

Using the memory address of the QVariant that acts as buffer is bad. While we got
lucky with Qt4, and this worked by accident, it leads to subtle and not-so-subtle segfaults
when used with Qt5.

Instead, using QVariant::data() makes sure that implicitly shared data is properly detached.

13f93f7... by Manuel Nickschas

Properly register the Network::ConnectionState enum

The Q_ENUMS declaration was, uhm, creative, and additionally Q_ENUMS are automatically
registered with the QMetaType system, so no need for registering them again. Actually,
while this somehow works in Qt4, Qt5 barfs with an assert.

160c2f0... by Marcus Eggenberger <email address hidden>

Only show notifications for buffers, which are part of a chatlist currently in use

5988f4c... by Manuel Nickschas

Bump version.inc for release

cd16b79... by Manuel Nickschas

Fix output for a bunch of numeric server replies

First of all, takeFirst() does not work on a const ref *cough*. And second, we should
not reorder the param in the message like we did before purely for prettyness;
some servers seem to send non-standard strings that then look awkward. Instead,
let's just add a colon after the first param.