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ae48884... by Manuel Nickschas

Bump version.inc for release

8be3e65... by Manuel Nickschas

Also fix the icon naming in hicolor.qrc

One remark concerning this naming change: in order to fix the new monochrome tray icon stuff
in >= KDE 4.8, not only the icon naming spec fix in Quassel is needed, but also the desktop themes
need to be fixed (so their quassel.svgz contains the changed filenames). This is in upstream kde-runtime,
but at this time not backported to KDE 4.8.

Thanks to Kai Uwe Broulik for pointing me to the reason for the broken icons and committing the
needed changes to kde-runtime.

82936b9... by Marcus Eggenberger <email address hidden>

simplifying workaround for missing nickitems... especially getting rid of old workaround

c716faa... by Manuel Nickschas

Bump bundled oxygen icons

dbebdc3... by Manuel Nickschas

Rename the icons for inactive and alerted to conform with icon naming spec

Dashes are used for level separation, so icon theme engines like Plasma's know to look into
quassel.svgz if asked to provide the quassel-message icon. This fallback mechanism doesn't
work when using quassel_mnessage instead, and thus breaks the rather new Air desktop theme.

5a4b315... by Chris Le Sueur <email address hidden>

Changed Buffer-switching behaviour so that it changes between networks as well as channels

8004f91... by Manuel Nickschas

Work around problems in QTreeView when using Qt 4.8

Looks like having animated QTreeViews lead to problems with rendering nested trees.
This affects both the NickView and BufferView. Maybe it's something in our code,
but looks like simply disabling animations for Qt >= 4.8 does the trick as well...

4b262ed... by Manuel Nickschas

Bring Quassel to front on tray icon click

When the quassel window is below other windows it would be nice to have it raised on top of
the others when clicking on the system tray icon. Now it is just hidden and you have to click
on it once more to get it to the top.

Fixes #1135. Thanks to parapente for the patch!

c79746f... by Manuel Nickschas

Fix #984 without breaking topic input

Queued connection ensures that the textEdit is already reset() when InputWidget
does its thing, thus solving the history issues.

Approved by Tucos reading it 10 times. :>

9019590... by Manuel Nickschas

Revert "Reset the input prior to processing it in order to prevent issues with per-chat history. fixes 984"

This reverts commit b56a8712f3063e93b68bfa6bd8f2ec67e955df50.

That solution had the side effect that the textEdit would already been cleared when the textEntered() signal
was sent out. This broke the assumption that consumers of that signal could access the edit's content.
We'll find a better solution for the history problems.