Last commit made on 2010-02-23
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9f0ead1... by Manuel Nickschas

Fix saving of dockwidget/bufferview layouts

2d3aa3c... by Roscoe van Wyk <email address hidden>

Fixed QssParser::parseFontSize regex

2681846... by Jussi Schultink

Modified jussi01 stylesheet to include full app

35967f5... by Sebastian Goth

Don't create zombie users

2f4a721... by Bruno Bigras

Prevent quasselclient from crashing when using the 'cancel' button of the 'Authorisation is required' dialog

6c23f5c... by MarcLandis

Fixed bugs in topic widget

b7a0063... by Manuel Nickschas

Sync cmake files with upstream once again

This should fix building on MacOSX.

8df3e82... by Manuel Nickschas

Don't require X11 headers for building quasselcore

42d7cf2... by Manuel Nickschas

Bump version.inc for release

f6f67e9... by Sebastian Goth

And don't fuckup '*' rules