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b5ee55d... by Manuel Nickschas

Try workarounding bug #663 ("Teh Systray Heisenbug")

Setting uniform row heights for BufferView seems to keep Quassel from crashing. This is not
a long-term solution and has some sideeffects (don't use different font sizes for network and buffer
items when playing with QSS!), but if it helps people to start Quassel, fine with me.

Please report if it fixes the crashes for you!

d602c30... by Daniel Albers

show correct core start time in coreinfodlg

18c308a... by Marcus Eggenberger <email address hidden>

Fixes #742 - JOIN without parameters

2ec6f7e... by Marcus Eggenberger <email address hidden>

Fixes #741 - HTML escape characters in tooltips.
Thanks to lastic for suplying the patch!

23d27de... by Manuel Nickschas

Change version string to be more intuitive

Having 0.4.0+ for git master confuses users. So let's use a version string like
v0.5-pre (0.4.0+198 git-dee6c47*) instead, which still gives us all the information
and is less confusing.

Version is obtained from version.inc.

08a3b94... by Manuel Nickschas

Properly handle unlimited IRC reconnection retries

Fixes #743. Also, do the first reconnect retry immediately after disconnect
even with unlimited retries enabled.

12cf712... by Manuel Nickschas

Set bugtracker address in KAboutData

This should tell DrKonqui where to report bugs for Quassel.
Thanks to Dario Andres for reporting this.

00fcb4a... by Marcus Eggenberger <email address hidden>

Fixes #682 - Core crashes on client connection
Big thanks to seezer for debuging and researching!

1e2d039... by Manuel Nickschas

Initialize variables

a40c49f... by Manuel Nickschas

Fix restoring maximized state at restart on Windows