Last commit made on 2008-10-26
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6a7f2bb... by Manuel Nickschas

Update version.inc for release

b0093f9... by Marcus Eggenberger <email address hidden>

Note to myself: QByteArray("\000") != QByteArray (1, '\000')

b0a1b40... by Marcus Eggenberger <email address hidden>

Implementing ctcp level quoting and ctcp low level quoting. This fixes a crucial security issue. Upgrading is strongly recommended!

c4dce6f... by Manuel Nickschas

Update version for release

2531363... by Manuel Nickschas

Update genversion to work with single-binary git

870be06... by Manuel Nickschas

Reintroduce layout margin for topic line, looks ugly with locked docks otherwise

2028d28... by Manuel Nickschas

Trying to force Qt's layout system into not screwing up our topic widget for some people

Please test this with your style. Widget handle still needs some love...

8bc4fd5... by Manuel Nickschas

Find genversion.exe on Wintendo. Fixes BR #306, thanks to Hydrogen and SaroEngels!

3461431... by Manuel Nickschas

s/class/struct/, thanks to Hydrogen for noticing :)

ffa96c3... by Manuel Nickschas

Explicitly provide MOC_DEFINES, use HAVE_SSL instead of QT_NO_OPENSSL. Should fix MacOSX compilation issues

This removes the automated DEFINITIONS recognition for MOC (which was not cross-platform apparently);
instead, we now explicitly set MOC_DEFINES for things where it matters, such as -DHAVE_DBUS and -DHAVE_SSL.