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3778a12... by Manuel Nickschas

Bump version for release

3244256... by Manuel Nickschas

Update ChangeLog

f17263d... by Manuel Nickschas

Update translations from Transifex

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Many thanks to all contributors!

9a7b472... by phuzion <email address hidden>

Update Help>About Qt to use modern Qt logo and remove old Qt logo from repo

(cherry picked from commit d05ae6f10b9fe9d90d623374c1c065f436fab525)

85087a8... by Shane Synan

core: Workaround Qt 4 SQL bindValue() duplicates

Workaround Qt 4 QSqlQuery::bindValue() not handling duplicate
parameter names by giving every duplicated parameter a unique name.

Qt 5 handles this as one expects, so this doesn't need forward-ported
to 0.14/master where Qt 4 support has been dropped.

Applies to SQLite and PostgreSQL.

Note: PostgreSQL prepared statements properly handle repeated "$"
parameters, so there's no need to modify those.

Test case for prepared statements:
> PREPARE qcore_test_var
  AS SELECT * FROM buffer WHERE bufferid = $1 AND userid = $1
    AND networkid = $1;
> EXECUTE qcore_test_var(1);
Gives a result if bufferid = userid = networkid = 1 exists.

Credit to @justJanne for finding the root cause of the issue, and
suggesting the fix, and to 'galfwender' and @darkstar for reporting.

Fixes #1506

See https://doc.qt.io/archives/qt-4.8/qsqlquery.html#bindValue
And https://doc.qt.io/qt-5/qsqlquery.html#bindValue

3c910a4... by Shane Synan

logger: Dedup code, fix client Debug Log loglevel

Deduplicate code by moving LogEntry formatting into a separate
function, LogEntry::toString(), which applies timestamps and the log
level string.

Fix client Debug Log dialog to print log level using this new function.

Modify msgWithTime() to use this new function, too.

5f771f4... by =?utf-8?q?Wolfgang_M=C3=BCller?= <email address hidden>

logger: Make output to syslog nicer

Resolve the level string in msgWithTime. This means that the log
level string is included in logs to files and stdout even if syslog
output is enabled.

Resolve the program name using RunMode and BuildInfo, distinguishing
between client, core, and monolithic.

[Backported from 0.14/git-master]

63725f7... by Shane Synan

core: Remove redundant updateSchemaVersion() call

Remove the redundant updateSchemaVersion() call at the end of schema
migrations. This is already called within the final iteration of the

Cleans up a leftover from f10304a35af0a7a4f8b812e467e69287d358ce7c

c3263d1... by Shane Synan

core: Display problem step if storage setup fails

Print the problematic setup step (e.g. 'setup_070_coreinfo') if
storage backend initialization fails. This may help with debugging.

Modify setupQueries() to return a list of query strings and
resource filenames, used for the above.

dd8c929... by Shane Synan

core: Track upgrade step within schema version

Track the last successful upgrade step (upgrade_###_XXX.sql) within
each schema version, storing it within 'coreinfo' table as
'schemaupgradestep'. When a schema upgrade finishes, clear
'schemaupgradestep' and set 'schemaversion'.

This allows for resuming multi-step schema upgrades that were
interrupted in the middle.

Whenever starting a schema upgrade, also check the value of
'schemaupgradestep'. One of two states exist:
1. Empty ('') or nonexistent
    No interrupted schema upgrade, start the next schema version
    upgrade from the first query.
2. Contains text, e.g. 'upgrade_010_alter_sender_64bit_ids'
    The schema upgrade was interrupted, skip schema upgrade steps
    including the specified successful step, and resume from the next

For case 2, if the schema upgrade step cannot be found, warn and bail
out. This should only happen if:
1. The storage of successful query glitched, or the database was
    manually changed
2. Quassel changed the filenames of upgrade queries, and the local
    Quassel core version was replaced during an interrupted schema

Modify SqliteStorage and PostgreSqlStorage to fetch/save the
'schemaupgradestep' key. Clearing this key is done atomically within

(Ideally, the whole upgrade would be wrapped in a transaction, but
 that doesn't seem to be easily possible.)

Modify upgradeQueries() to return a list of query strings and
resource filenames, used for tracking the upgrade step and providing
clearer feedback on what steps fail.