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f29f852... by Manuel Nickschas

Bump version for release

5061381... by Manuel Nickschas

Update ChangeLog

b94f683... by Manuel Nickschas

Update AboutData

08bace4... by Michael Marley

Reject clients that attempt to login before the core is configured

Properly-implemented clients should never try to do this, but if it
is done, this patch prevents it from crashing the core.

Thanks to @chaign_c (https://twitter.com/chaign_c/) for finding this

(cherry picked from commit e17fca767d60c06ca02bc5898ced04f06d3670bd)

18389a7... by Janne Koschinski <email address hidden>

Implement custom deserializer to add our own sanity checks

This is a rough first implementation in preparation of writing
proper serializers independently of QDataStream.

Thanks to @chaign_c (https://twitter.com/chaign_c/) for finding
issues with QDataStream that prompted this change.

(cherry picked from commit 2b777e99fc9f74d4ed21491710260664a1721d1f))

f7fc81c... by Manuel Nickschas

uisupport: Forcefully disable horizontal scrollbar in BufferView

Qt 5.10.1 severly broke QHeaderView and by extension, QTreeView,
resulting in a horizontal scrollbar being shown. In order to avoid
making this issue too obvious for people using that version of Qt
(including the builds currently generated by our CI), force the
scrollbar to be hidden in BufferView.

The contents can still be scrolled sideways e.g. with horizontal
mouse wheel emulation, but that should not hit many users in

Earlier or later versions of Qt seem to not suffer from that issue,
but always hiding the scrollbar doesn't hurt either way.

(cherry picked from commit dd27cd1f84ecceb5fb287894373d4cb42131a03f)

bdeeb5d... by Manuel Nickschas

cmake: Add exception handling support to MSVC compile flags

Since STL types may throw, MSVC needs to get told to support
exceptions by specifying the /EHsc flag. Otherwise, it warns about
the lack thereof, even though Quassel itself does not use nor handle

Closes GH-350.

(cherry picked from commit 7a8ea3eee1dcff4eaa5398d1cf5739fa32eccd9e)

35ca85f... by Manuel Nickschas

Semi-yearly copyright bump

It's not 2015 anymore.

8e214d1... by R. M. Bislin

Package Mac Style plugin (for Qt 5.10+)

Closes GH-349.

(cherry picked from commit a1c1d335d5a280a66da58301a22f39de517238de)

e382ef5... by Manuel Nickschas

Don't terminate the core due to backend issues while setting up

If the storage backend selected by the user during core setup cannot
be initialized, the problem shall be communicated to the client and
the user can start over; the core shall not exit in this case.
Ensure that failure to initialize the selected backend only terminates
the core if it's not being setup.