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e257fe3... by Manuel Nickschas

Bump version.inc for release

For the last time. Was nice knowing you.

3f3f171... by Manuel Nickschas

Update ChangeLog

76a761a... by Manuel Nickschas

Small optimization

No need to copy the list around.

0402f2f... by tecknojock <email address hidden>

Updated Encode to not run additional times.

Fixed the issue of the message being encoded twice unnessesarily on
actions that did not require splitting.

d86cc80... by tecknojock <email address hidden>

Fixed CTCP Action Spliting

Previously /me would truncate if it was over the 512 character limit,
forming a malformed action as the last \01 character is cut off. Now the
CTCP Action should autosplit the same way that overflow on normal
messages does. Additionally the characters !? were added to the
splittable characters list, bringing the new list to " ,.-!?"

8185571... by m5 <email address hidden>

fix buffer sorting for hot buffer hotkey

7bf1ebc... by Michael Marley

Quit on database connection failure

Previously, if a Quasselcore was configured to use PostgreSQL but
the PostgreSQL connection failed on startup, it would come up
unconfigured with SQLite. This patch makes the Quasselcore quit
with a fatal error instead.

a071b43... by Michael Marley

Do not emit messages if storing them in the DB failed

If a message is not stored in the database, then some of its IDs
(networkId at least) will be invalid. If this message is sent to
clients, it will cause a nameless empty buffer to appear in the
desktop client and will cause Quasseldroid to crash (of course.)
Better behavior would be to simply not emit the message, since it
can't be displayed properly anyway.

0c279ed... by Michael Marley

Rename socketConnected() to socketOpen() to reduce confusion

215a510... by Michael Marley

Improve the odds of winning the oidentd race when using SSL for IRC

Previously, the .oidentd.conf file was not written until
socketInitialized(), which meant that when using SSL for the IRC
connection, the file would not be written until the SSL negotiation
was complete. This delay meant that, in practice, oidentd
integration almost never worked when using SSL IRC connections.
This patch adds a new socketConnected() signal that fires as soon
as the connection is open, regardless of encryption status, and
connects the call to the oidentd configuration generator to this
signal. This gives oidentd integration the same likelihood of
working with SSL connections as with non-SSL connections.