Merge lp:~malept/awn/desktop-agnostic into lp:awn/0.4

Proposed by Mark Lee
Status: Merged
Merge reported by: Mark Lee
Merged at revision: 167
Proposed branch: lp:~malept/awn/desktop-agnostic
Merge into: lp:awn/0.4
To merge this branch: bzr merge lp:~malept/awn/desktop-agnostic
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lp:~malept/awn/desktop-agnostic updated
23. By Mark Lee

2007-09-18 Mark Lee <email address hidden>

 Fix the Cflags entry so that #include statements that follow the
 convention "#include <libawn/foo.h>" work.

24. By Mark Lee

remove the entry that seems to have been copy/pasted from Clutter's pkgconfig file

25. By Mark Lee

2007-09-18 Mark Lee <email address hidden>
 * libawn/awn-desktop-item.c:
 * libawn/awn-desktop-item.h:
 * pyawn/awn.defs:
 Add the wrapper functions awn_desktop_item_get_string(),
 awn_desktop_item_get_localestring(), and awn_desktop_item_exists().
 Add the above functions to the python bindings as well.
 Adapt code from gnome-desktop svn to implement
 awn_desktop_item_exists(), awn_desktop_item_get_icon(), and a static
 function that retrieves the real path of an "Exec" entry.

26. By Mark Lee

2007-09-19 Mark Lee <email address hidden>

 * awn-applet-activation/main.c:
 * libawn/awn-desktop-item.c:
 * libawn/awn-desktop-item.h:
 * src/awn-task.c:
 * src/awn-x.c:
 * src/awn-x.h:
 * src/main.c:
 Add the enabled desktop #define to the pkgconfig file.

27. By Mark Lee


28. By Mark Lee

libawn/awn-desktop-item.[ch]: finish changing from awn_desktop_file_* to awn_desktop_item_*

29. By Mark Lee

2007-09-19 Mark Lee <email address hidden>

 * libawn/
 * libawn/awn-desktop-item.c:
 * libawn/awn-desktop-item.h:
 * libawn/awn-vfs.c:
 * libawn/awn-vfs.h:
 * src/awn-task.c:
 * src/main.c:
 Consolidate VFS-related functions into its own source file/header.
 Add preliminary support for GIO.

30. By Mark Lee


31. By Mark Lee

awn-manager: fix whitespace - tabs to spaces, alignment

32. By Mark Lee

more whitespace fixes

33. By Mark Lee

awn-manager/ substitute the correct variable for

34. By Mark Lee

another whitespace fix

35. By Mark Lee

2007-09-26 Mark Lee <email address hidden>

 * awn-manager/
 Refactor some code in order to increase readability.

36. By Mark Lee


37. By Mark Lee

Fix the gconf key variable names

38. By Mark Lee

awn-manager/ refactor the gconf key definitions

39. By Mark Lee

awn-manager/ massive code cleanup

40. By Mark Lee

awn-manager/ fix errors introduced in the previous commit

41. By Mark Lee

awn-manager: major code refactoring

42. By Mark Lee


43. By Mark Lee

add ChangeLog entry that notes the dependency change in awn-manager

44. By Mark Lee

awn-manager: move more variables to; fix paths in

45. By Mark Lee

awn-manager/ minor code cleanup

46. By Mark Lee

awn-manager: remove unnecessary constructor parameters; move more directory-related variables to

47. By Mark Lee

awn-manager/ minor code cleanup

48. By Mark Lee


49. By Mark Lee

2007-10-05 Mark Lee <email address hidden>

 * awn-manager/
 * awn-manager/
 * awn-manager/
 * awn-manager/
 Add a pure Python implementation of a launcher editor to replace
 the use of gnome-desktop-item-edit.

50. By Mark Lee


51. By Mark Lee

2007-10-07 Mark Lee <email address hidden>

 Only link to the desktop's VFS library if GIO is not selected.
 Make sure that the GIO define is in config.h.
 Change the name of the GIO pkgconfig module.

 * libawn/awn-vfs.c:
 Make awn_vfs_init() a no-op when using GIO.
 Fix the implementation of awn_vfs_get_pathlist_from_string for GIO.

 * awn-applet-activation/main.c:
 * src/awn-x.h:
 Replace desktop-specific #ifdefs with awn-vfs #includes and functions.

52. By Mark Lee


53. By Mark Lee

ignore more intltool files

54. By Mark Lee

2007-10-07 Mark Lee <email address hidden>

 Add support for Xfce's autogen script.

55. By Mark Lee

2007-10-10 Mark Lee <email address hidden>

 Replaced use of xdt-autogen with the individual
 autotools-related scripts.
 Remove required dependency on;
 will use it if available, otherwise it will use the
 autotools-related scripts individually.

56. By Mark Lee

add eggdesktopfile.[ch] from libegg/smclient, svn revision 806

57. By Mark Lee

2007-10-15 Mark Lee <email address hidden>

 * src/awn-task.c:
 Make sure _() is defined.
 Remove extraneous use of GString.

58. By Mark Lee

2007-10-15 Mark Lee <email address hidden>

 * libawn/egg/
 Fix headers/libraries to compile/link against.

 * libawn/egg/
 * libawn/egg/
 Add enum types for EggDesktopFile* enums.

 * libawn/egg/eggdesktopfile.c:
 * libawn/egg/eggdesktopfile.h:
 Add/implement egg_desktop_file_get_type().

59. By Mark Lee

.bzrignore: ignore generated egg-enum-types-related files

60. By Mark Lee

2007-10-15 Mark Lee <email address hidden>

 * libawn/
 Remove the GIO stuff because we technically don't use GIO/GVFS
 to do anything.
 Add --with-desktop=agnostic.
 The default value of --with-desktop is "gnome".
 Add conditional libegg support (used if desktop is xfce or agnostic).

 * libawn/awn-desktop-item.c:
 * libawn/awn-desktop-item.h:
 Replace XfceDesktopEntry support with that of EggDesktopFile (as
 the former is a read-only structure).
 Rename the GList argument in awn_desktop_item_launch() to better fit
 EggDesktopFile's parameters.

 * libawn/awn-vfs.c:
 * libawn/awn-vfs.h:
 Ensure that GList is defined.
 the "GIO" implementation of awn_vfs_pathlist_from_string() is now
 the agnostic implementation.

61. By Mark Lee


62. By Mark Lee

libawn/awn-desktop-item.c: make sure that the desktop item accepts extra arguments before passing them

63. By Mark Lee

libawn/awn-desktop-item.c: replace key strings with constants

64. By Mark Lee

 * remove obsolete headers
 * move the utility get_string function to the real get_string function
 * rename all references to the utility get_string function
 * make the eggdesktopfile version of get_localestring better utilize the user's locale(s)

65. By Mark Lee

2007-10-16 Mark Lee <email address hidden>

 * libawn/awn-desktop-item.c:
 * libawn/awn-desktop-item.h:
 Implement write access to the desktop item files.
 A save method is included.

66. By Mark Lee

libawn/awn-desktop-item.c (awn_desktop_item_launch): add checks, remove unnecessary variable

67. By Mark Lee

2007-10-16 Mark Lee <email address hidden>

 * libawn/awn-desktop-item.c:
 * libawn/awn-desktop-item.h:
 * libawn/egg/eggdesktopfile.c:
 * libawn/egg/eggdesktopfile.h:
 Add a copy function.

 * pyawn/awn.defs:
 awn.DesktopItem is now a boxed type.
 Add write methods. Note that some methods don't work yet
 because they need to be overridden.

68. By Mark Lee

libawn/egg/eggdesktopfile.c: fix a segfault when a launcher is executed

69. By Mark Lee remove obsolete USE_GIO

70. By Mark Lee

2007-10-20 Mark Lee <email address hidden>

 * awn-manager/
 Uninstall awn-manager when a user does "make uninstall".

71. By Mark Lee

2007-10-23 Mark Lee <email address hidden>

 * libawn/
 * libawn/awn-applet-gconf.c:
 * libawn/awn-applet-gconf.h:
 * libawn/awn-config-client.c:
 * libawn/awn-config-client.h:
 Add a configuration API that allows AWN to use either a GConf or
 GKeyFile-based backend. Uses a new structure, called AwnConfigClient.

 * libawn/awn-settings.c:
 * libawn/awn-settings.h:
 * src/awn-applet-manager.h:
 * src/awn-bar.h:
 * src/awn-hotspot.h:
 * src/awn-task-manager.h:
 * src/awn-task.h:
 * src/awn-window.h:
 Change the settings API naming scheme and file names to match the
 structure name.

 * pyawn/
 * pyawn/awn.defs:
 * pyawn/awn.override:
 * pyawn/awnmodule.c:
 Add an analogous Python API for AwnConfigClient (awn.Config).

 * awn-manager/
 * awn-manager/
 * awn-manager/
 * awn-manager/
 * awn-manager/
 Convert from using the GConf API to the awn.Config API.

 * src/awn-applet-manager.c:
 * src/awn-bar.h:
 * src/awn-task-manager.c:
 * src/awn-task.c:
 * src/awn-x.c:
 * src/main.c:
 Convert to use AwnConfigClient and the converted AwnSettings API.

 * test/
 * test/test-config-client.c:
 * test/
 Add programs in C and Python to test the setting and retrieval of
 configuration options.

 * .bzrignore:
 Ignore the compiled C test program.

72. By Mark Lee


73. By Mark Lee

Fix bug that screws up building applets if you build awn with --with-desktop=agnostic

74. By Mark Lee

2007-10-26 Mark Lee <email address hidden>

 * libawn/awn-desktop-item.c:
 * src/awn-task-manager.c:
 * src/awn-task.c:
 * src/awn-x.c:
 Add NULL checks to icon-related functions.

75. By Mark Lee

Fix build (fix handling of the test subdirectory)

76. By Mark Lee

test/ Forgot to add the CFLAGS.

77. By Mark Lee

awn-manager/ Remove erroneous statement

78. By Mark Lee

2007-11-14 Mark Lee <email address hidden>

 * data/
 * data/awn-schma-to-gconf:
 * data/awn.schema-ini:
 Add a GKeyFile-based schema of the Awn settings.
 Add a Python-based script to be able to convert that schema into a
 GConf-compatible one, if Awn is built with GConf.

 * libawn/awn-vfs.c:
 * libawn/awn-vfs.h:
 Add a wrapper for VFS file monitoring API.
 Remove all traces of the GIO #define.
 Fix vim modelines.

 * libawn/awn-config-client.c:
 * libawn/awn-config-client.h:
 Rename the value union to something shorter.
 Add a value type enumeration.
 GKeyFile backend: Make the global config client variable a static
 function variable instead.
 GKeyFile backend: Add GKeyFile-based schema support.
 GKeyFile backend: Add file monitoring support, so that awn-manager
 and Awn can properly receive changes from each other. Uses checksums
 to avoid having to diff config files with the same content.
 GKeyFile backend: Protect from setting a NULL list.

 * libawn/
 * libawn/egg/
 * libawn/egg/eggchecksum.c:
 * libawn/egg/eggchecksum.h:
 * libawn/egg/tests/checksum-test.c:
 Bundle a copy of GChecksum for the case that the user has not installed
 glib >= 2.16.

79. By Mark Lee

merge from 0.2-stable-testing r157

80. By Mark Lee fix check for GChecksum (accidentally switched values)

81. By Mark Lee

acinclude.m4: add AM_GCONF_SOURCE_2 so that gconf devel packages shouldn't be required anymore

82. By Mark Lee

2007-11-19 Mark Lee <email address hidden>

 * .bzrignore:
 * doc/:
 Add gtk-doc support.

 * libawn/awn-config-client.c:
 * libawn/awn-config-client.h:
 * libawn/awn-defines.h:
 * libawn/awn-desktop-item.c:
 * libawn/awn-desktop-item.h:
 * libawn/awn-vfs.c:
 * libawn/awn-vfs.h:
 Document relevant functions, structures, and constants.

 * libawn/awn-effects.h:
 Convert Doxygen-style comments to gtk-doc-style comments.

83. By Mark Lee

awn-vfs.c: fix xfce build

84. By Mark Lee

merge from 0.2-stable-testing r160

85. By Mark Lee

fix gconf build; move AwnConfigNotifyData out of the public API

86. By Mark Lee

merge from 0.2-stable-testing r161

87. By Mark Lee

ignore gtk-doc backup files

88. By Mark Lee

build fix - we need config.h in awn-enum-types.c so --with-desktop is honored

89. By Mark Lee

Remove dependency on gnome-python

90. By Mark Lee

Fix checksum build logic; fix gconf build logic

91. By Mark Lee

libawn/awn-config-client.c: fix some segfaults

92. By Mark Lee

awn-manager/ fix API typo

93. By Mark Lee

libawn/awn-applet-dialog.c, libawn/awn-applet-simple.c: add docblocks with content based on docs written by moonbeam

94. By Mark Lee

libawn/awn-vfs.c: fix typo in the Gnome build

95. By Mark Lee

test/test-config-client.c: add test for awn_config_client_notify_add(); initialize GTypes in main()

96. By Mark Lee, add variable to awn.pc that tells which configuration backend Awn is using (useful for installing applet schemas)

97. By Mark Lee

data/ generate/install gconf schema if it's a gconf build; install awn-schema-to-gconf so applets can use it in their build systems

98. By Mark Lee

libawn/awn-applet-dialog.c, libawn/awn-applet-simple.c: minor gtk-doc fixes

99. By Mark Lee

libawn/awn-config-client.c, libawn/awn-config-client.h: add awn_config_client_get_value_type to the API; reformat awn-config-client.h

100. By Mark Lee

pyawn/awn.defs, pyawn/awn.override: add awn.Config.notify_add(); move a GSList to python list subroutine to its own function

101. By Mark Lee

add awn.vfs_init() to the python bindings; needed by awn-manager in the xfce build to prevent segfaulting

102. By Mark Lee

 * add uid parameter to awn_config_client_for_applet and awn.Config().
 * GKeyFile backend: be more careful about dynamic string generation.
 * GKeyFile backend: add ~/.config/awn/applets if it doesn't exist.
 * GKeyFile backend: only run notify callbacks if they aren't NULL.

103. By Mark Lee

libawn/awn-config.[ch]: add the API function awn_config_client_load_defaults_from_schema - for GConf, it sends the HUP signal to all gconfd-2 processes; for GKeyFile, it uses the schema file to set all of the default values.

104. By Mark Lee

merge/port from trunk r151

105. By Mark Lee

awn-manager/ replace the applet pane with the prototype demoed on the forum

106. By Mark Lee

data/ whitespace fixes; fix gconf schema generation

107. By Mark Lee

2007-12-19 Mark Lee <email address hidden>

 * acinclude.m4:
 Replace the old python-related M4 macros with one from the autoconf
 macro archive.
 Make sure that the Gtk+ libraries are linked to the python awn module.

 * pyawn/
 Allow the python awn module to link with the linker flag --no-undefined.

108. By Mark Lee

build system cleanup - doesn't need to be versioned, ignore awn.schemas-related files

109. By Mark Lee

2007-12-26 Mark Lee <email address hidden>

 * pyawn/
 Add the function check_dependencies() so that python applets can notify
 the user when they don't have the required Python modules installed.

110. By Mark Lee, libawn/awn-vfs.[ch]: VFS build fixes

111. By Mark Lee

libawn/awn-desktop-item.[ch]: move implementation-specific code out of the header

112. By Mark Lee

AwnConfigClient: GConf backend fixes; change awn_config_client_unref() to awn_config_client_free()

113. By Mark Lee

libawn/awn-config-client.c: Fix GConf key generation; add error checking for GConf notifications

114. By Mark Lee

Change required version for GLib's GChecksum; remove USE_EGG_CHECKSUM since GLIB_CHECK_VERSION is sufficient

115. By Mark Lee fix syntax error

116. By Mark Lee

libawn/awn-config-client.c: add header that actually defines GLIB_CHECK_VERSION()

117. By Mark Lee

libawn/awn-desktop-item.c: fix casting warnings

118. By Mark Lee

2007-12-28 Mark Lee <email address hidden>

 * pyawn -> bindings/python:
 Move the bindings to a separate directory.

 * acinclude.m4:
 * bindings/vala:
 * test/
 * test/test.vala:
 Add Vala bindings support.

119. By Mark Lee add vapidir variable, used when compiling applets
bindings/vala/ fix install location of vapi-related files

120. By Mark Lee

forgot the ChangeLog entry for r118

121. By Mark Lee

2007-12-29 Mark Lee <email address hidden>

 * awn-applet-activation/main.c:
 Merge patch from moonbeam in Launchpad bug #179232, which changes the
 applet type key to not use the reserved key name.

122. By Mark Lee

forgot to commit the ChangeLog entry (again)

123. By Mark Lee get rid of datarootdir warning during ./config.status

124. By Mark Lee

libawn/awn-settings.c: One would think that the default string list would be set to whatever the default given in the parameters is, not NULL.

125. By Mark Lee

Add patch from Launchpad bug #179783 (Opening glow effect can cause a segfault)

126. By Mark Lee

bindings/python/awn.override: fix typo

127. By Mark Lee

src/awn-applet-manager.c: add applet token array length check; fix comment

128. By Mark Lee

 * fix removal of applets
 * add comment describing the active applets' list model
 * convert from using all GConfClient calls to primarily GConfEngine calls -
   this fixes the bug of gconf notification functions not firing
 * awn_config_client_notify_proxy: fix erroneous use of g_return_if_fail ()
 * awn_config_client_notify_proxy: fix setting the group in the
   AwnConfigClientNotifyEntry that is sent to the real notify callback
 * awn_config_client_notify_add: don't use notify_id
 * awn_config_client_notify_add: free GError if it is set

129. By Mark Lee

libawn/awn-config-client.c: move the awn schemas to the same datadir as the other awn data

130. By Mark Lee

Be consistent and use GSLists everywhere in my APIs...this removes the need for the GList to GSList utility function.

131. By Mark Lee

Rename awn_desktop_item_unref() to awn_desktop_item_free(), to satisfy the vala bindings

132. By Mark Lee check for gdk_x11_display_broadcast_startup_message() (used by eggdesktopfile)

133. By Mark Lee

libawn/awn-desktop-item.c: explicitly specifying the GdkScreen causes egg_desktop_file_launch() to act strangely, so remove it

134. By Mark Lee

Merge from trunk r155

135. By Mark Lee

Change function signature of awn.vfs_get_pathlist_from_string from gchar* to guchar*, per moonbeam's request, Update vala bindings

136. By Mark Lee

acinclude.m4: re-add AM_CHECK_PYMOD so that configure can be built again

137. By Mark Lee

Vala bindings: regenerate via make if has been modified in some way

138. By Mark Lee

awn_desktop_item_new(): Change the parameter name from uri to filename, to avoid confusion (suggestion by moonbeam)

139. By Mark Lee

bindings/vala: forgot to change the parameter type from GList to GSList (spotted by moonbeam)

140. By Mark Lee

bindings/vala: forgot to change the as well

141. By Mark Lee

acinclude.m4: AM_CHECK_PYMOD now depends on AC_PYTHON_DEVEL

142. By Mark Lee

bindings/python/awn.override: add proper DesktopItem.launch() support to the python bindings

143. By Mark Lee

awn_desktop_item_save(): add the ability to save the desktop entry info under a new filename. Also, fix vim modeline in libawn/awn-config-client.c

144. By Mark Lee

bindings/python: add binding for awn_cairo_string_to_color(), awn.rgba_string_to_dict(); fix typo in awn.DesktopItem.launch()

145. By Mark Lee

bindings/python/ fix defsdir ($PLATFORM_VERSION not used)

146. By Mark Lee

bindings/vala: add dep to generating awn.vapi; force header filenames on structs and GObjects

147. By Mark Lee

Add patch from moonbeam which adds a simple config key locking API
 * add vala bindings for the new API
 * add python bindings for the new API (plus a little class wrapper, awn.ConfigLock)
 * GChecksum is now used regardless of config backend, so o move the configure check out of the GKeyFile conditional check

148. By Mark Lee ensure that Gnome is the default desktop configuration, even if the --with-desktop flag is omitted.

149. By Mark Lee

Rename AwnConfigClient lock_* functions to key_lock_*, because of conflicts with Vala

150. By Mark Lee

Update copyright.

151. By Mark Lee

data/ install the awn schema-ini files to the proper location

152. By Mark Lee

libawn/awn-config-client.c: make the schema loading error message more verbose

153. By Mark Lee

Split the AwnDesktopItem source code into its respective implementations, similar to how OS-specific code for Gtk+ is arranged

154. By Mark Lee

libawn/awn-desktop-item-gnome.c: merge patch from moonbeam, which creates a desktop item even if the file specified doesn't exist

155. By Mark Lee

libawn/awn-desktop-item-egg.c: Change AwnDesktopItem so that it's essentially a struct with one member: an EggDesktopFile pointer

156. By Mark Lee

bindings/python: forgot to bind awn.Config.get_value_type

157. By Mark Lee

Build system cleanup

158. By Mark Lee

Create awn-launcher-editor, a standalone version of the launcher editor that is integrated into awn-manager.

159. By Mark Lee

libawn/awn-config-client.c: fix compiler warning

160. By Mark Lee

Split the AwnConfigClient implementations into their own files

161. By Mark Lee

AwnConfigClient (GConf): revert back to a GConfClient-only implementation, with fixes from moonbeam so that notifications work

162. By Mark Lee Fix python module check (spotted by davidoff in the forums)

163. By Mark Lee

Move variable expansion of into

164. By Mark Lee

Use's AC_OUTPUT to expand relevant awn-manager files

165. By Mark Lee

awn-manager/ fix typo

166. By Mark Lee

libawn/awn-vfs.c: fix compile warning; fix compiling desktop=agnostic with glib 2.15.1 and above

167. By Mark Lee

AwnDesktopItem (Gnome): remove load flag from gnome_desktop_item_new_from_file on the advice of moonbeam, who suspects that it's the cause of all of the 'applets need to be executable' problems

168. By Mark Lee

awn-manager: attempt to fix PYTHONPATH-related problems

169. By Mark Lee add switch for enabling vala (needed for gentoo USE flag)

170. By Mark Lee

data/awn.schema-ini: fix typo for icon_offset type

171. By Mark Lee

libawn/awn-effects.c: fix segfault in zoom_opening_effect()

172. By Mark Lee

awn-manager: merge in ryancr's WIP redesign patch (with some bugfixes by myself)

173. By Mark Lee

awn-manager/ in standalone mode, the editor has an icon, is shown in the task list, and properly quits; whitespace fixes; editor now doesn't die if it can't find an icon when it starts up

174. By Mark Lee

AwnDesktopItem (Gnome): fix compile warnings (caught by njpatel); implement document support for awn_desktop_item_launch()

175. By Mark Lee

Add patch from LP #190793 (RGBA support in awn-manager)

176. By Mark Lee

src/main.c: fix longstanding bug where awn-title.c was being #include'd into main.c for some reason

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