Merge lp:~malept/awn/desktop-agnostic into lp:~awn-testing/awn/awn-core-testing

Proposed by Piotr Gaczkowski
Status: Merged
Merge reported by: Mark Lee
Merged at revision: 166
Proposed branch: lp:~malept/awn/desktop-agnostic
Merge into: lp:~awn-testing/awn/awn-core-testing
To merge this branch: bzr merge lp:~malept/awn/desktop-agnostic
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lp:~malept/awn/desktop-agnostic updated
145. By Mark Lee

bindings/python/ fix defsdir ($PLATFORM_VERSION not used)

146. By Mark Lee

bindings/vala: add dep to generating awn.vapi; force header filenames on structs and GObjects

147. By Mark Lee

Add patch from moonbeam which adds a simple config key locking API
 * add vala bindings for the new API
 * add python bindings for the new API (plus a little class wrapper, awn.ConfigLock)
 * GChecksum is now used regardless of config backend, so o move the configure check out of the GKeyFile conditional check

148. By Mark Lee ensure that Gnome is the default desktop configuration, even if the --with-desktop flag is omitted.

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