Created by Jim Popovitch on 2018-10-12 and last modified on 2022-01-05


Ubuntu recipe for building lp:mailman/2.1 and adding it to ppa:mailman-administrivia/ppa.

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Recipe information

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Built daily
Mailman Administration
Base source:
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Daily build archive:
GNU Mailman builds
Distribution series:

Latest builds

Status When complete Distribution series Archive
[FULLYBUILT] Successful build buildlog (11.9 KiB) Xenial GNU Mailman builds
[FULLYBUILT] mailman - 2:2.1.39+final-202207100017~ubuntu16.04.1 buildlog (48.4 KiB) amd64
[FULLYBUILT] mailman - 2:2.1.39+final-202207100017~ubuntu16.04.1 buildlog (48.3 KiB) arm64
[FULLYBUILT] mailman - 2:2.1.39+final-202207100017~ubuntu16.04.1 buildlog (48.3 KiB) armhf
[FULLYBUILT] mailman - 2:2.1.39+final-202207100017~ubuntu16.04.1 buildlog (48.4 KiB) i386
[FULLYBUILT] mailman - 2:2.1.39+final-202207100017~ubuntu16.04.1 buildlog (48.3 KiB) ppc64el
[FULLYBUILT] mailman - 2:2.1.39+final-202207100017~ubuntu16.04.1 buildlog (48.2 KiB) s390x
[FULLYBUILT] Successful build buildlog (11.0 KiB) Focal GNU Mailman builds
[FULLYBUILT] mailman - 2:2.1.39+final-202207100017~ubuntu20.04.1 buildlog (49.5 KiB) amd64
[FULLYBUILT] mailman - 2:2.1.39+final-202207100017~ubuntu20.04.1 buildlog (49.5 KiB) arm64
[FULLYBUILT] mailman - 2:2.1.39+final-202207100017~ubuntu20.04.1 buildlog (49.3 KiB) armhf
[FULLYBUILT] mailman - 2:2.1.39+final-202207100017~ubuntu20.04.1 buildlog (49.6 KiB) ppc64el
[FULLYBUILT] mailman - 2:2.1.39+final-202207100017~ubuntu20.04.1 buildlog (49.4 KiB) s390x
[FULLYBUILT] Successful build buildlog (11.3 KiB) Trusty GNU Mailman builds
[FULLYBUILT] mailman - 2:2.1.39+final-202207100017~ubuntu14.04.1 buildlog (48.0 KiB) amd64
[FULLYBUILT] mailman - 2:2.1.39+final-202207100017~ubuntu14.04.1 buildlog (48.1 KiB) arm64
[FULLYBUILT] mailman - 2:2.1.39+final-202207100017~ubuntu14.04.1 buildlog (47.9 KiB) armhf
[FULLYBUILT] mailman - 2:2.1.39+final-202207100017~ubuntu14.04.1 buildlog (48.0 KiB) i386
[FULLYBUILT] mailman - 2:2.1.39+final-202207100017~ubuntu14.04.1 buildlog (48.0 KiB) ppc64el
[FULLYBUILT] Successful build buildlog (11.7 KiB) Bionic GNU Mailman builds
[FULLYBUILT] mailman - 2:2.1.39+final-202207100017~ubuntu18.04.1 buildlog (50.2 KiB) amd64
[FULLYBUILT] mailman - 2:2.1.39+final-202207100017~ubuntu18.04.1 buildlog (50.0 KiB) arm64
[FULLYBUILT] mailman - 2:2.1.39+final-202207100017~ubuntu18.04.1 buildlog (49.9 KiB) armhf
[FULLYBUILT] mailman - 2:2.1.39+final-202207100017~ubuntu18.04.1 buildlog (50.1 KiB) i386
[FULLYBUILT] mailman - 2:2.1.39+final-202207100017~ubuntu18.04.1 buildlog (50.1 KiB) ppc64el
[FULLYBUILT] mailman - 2:2.1.39+final-202207100017~ubuntu18.04.1 buildlog (49.9 KiB) s390x
[FULLYBUILT] Successful build buildlog (12.0 KiB) Xenial GNU Mailman builds
[FULLYBUILT] mailman - 2:2.1.39+final-202203290002~ubuntu16.04.1 buildlog (48.4 KiB) amd64
[FULLYBUILT] mailman - 2:2.1.39+final-202203290002~ubuntu16.04.1 buildlog (48.4 KiB) arm64
[FULLYBUILT] mailman - 2:2.1.39+final-202203290002~ubuntu16.04.1 buildlog (48.3 KiB) armhf
[FULLYBUILT] mailman - 2:2.1.39+final-202203290002~ubuntu16.04.1 buildlog (48.4 KiB) i386
[FULLYBUILT] mailman - 2:2.1.39+final-202203290002~ubuntu16.04.1 buildlog (48.4 KiB) ppc64el
[FULLYBUILT] mailman - 2:2.1.39+final-202203290002~ubuntu16.04.1 buildlog (48.3 KiB) s390x

Recipe contents

# bzr-builder format 0.4 deb-version 2:{latest-tag}+final-{time}
merge mailman-ppa-recipe lp:~mailman-administrivia/mailman/mailman-ppa-recipe