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marco zaro (marco-zaro) wrote :

I am fine with releasing 3.0.2.
One detail: the new polyfit functionality included in the virt_tricks most of the time significantly increases the disk/ram usage, without having a major impact on run time. I tried it for a couple of processes with eternal photons (in the branch for the alpha0 scheme) and in all cases I had to disable this function via FKS_params.dat, specially when many jobs were submitted on the cluster.
So, I’d suggest either to clearly spell that there may be downsides on the memory/disk consumption, or to have the functionality disabled by default (sorry Rik for all your work…).

What does everybody think here?



> On 6 Apr 2020, at 16:54, Olivier Mattelaer <email address hidden> wrote:
> Ok, so should we release this?
> Olivier
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