Code review comment for lp:~maddevelopers/mg5amcnlo/3.0.1

Hi Rikkert,

The display is actually perfect for QED (see below):

The following switches determine which programs are run:
/================== Description ==================|=========== values ===========|================ other options ================\
| 1. Type of perturbative computation | order = NLO | LO |
| 2. No MC@[N]LO matching / event generation | fixed_order = ON | No NLO+PS available for EW correction |
Either type the switch number (1 to 6) to change its setting,
Set any switch explicitly (e.g. type 'madspin=onshell' at the prompt)
Type 'help' for the list of all valid option
Type '0', 'auto', 'done' or just press enter when you are done.[60s to answer]

Maybe are you referring to the display in debug mode, which include the hidden line (madspin/...)
which are important to see (but only in debug mode). [Also for the hidden option of MadSpin]
In that case, formatting is indeed weird.
I have (slightly) improve it
1) passing the color to green (more consistent with debug coloring in general)
2) fixing the change of length due to the presence of the coloring
This is still not perfect since the length of each column does not take into account those hidden line.
and therefore they can go to overflow.



> On 4 Oct 2018, at 17:16, Rikkert Frederix <email address hidden> wrote:
> Hi,
> A small change means that the switches are okay now for the QCD stuff. However, for QED, the formatting looks off. I'm not sure we should be too worried about this, since it works correctly. If there is a simple fix, we might apply it.
> Cheers,
> Rikkert
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