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7696cf2... by Ian Johnson

debian/console-conf*.service: add core18 services as After deps

These are currently applied with hacks in the core18 repo when building the
core18 snap, but that was always meant to be a temporary thing until it was
upstreamed... here's the upstreaming.

Signed-off-by: Ian Johnson <email address hidden>

3e14aa2... by Maciej Borzecki

debian/console-conf.*.service: run after snapd.recovery-chooser-trigger.service

On Core20 devices, the user may decice to invoke a recovery chooser by holding
down a specific key. Make sure that the recovery chooser trigger detection
service runs before, so that by the time console-conf runs, the trigger
detection window is closed and we may launch the chooser if needed.

Note, the patch only includes the bits for ensuring the correct order during

Signed-off-by: Maciek Borzecki <email address hidden>

06f528b... by Maciej Borzecki

debian/console-conf.*.service: refactor the dependency on core.start-snapd.service

The service is named core.start-snapd.service in core20. Add a comment
explaining why we need this.

Signed-off-by: Maciek Borzecki <email address hidden>

fc224aa... by Michael Vogt

services: run console-conf after core18.start-snapd.service

On core18 the firstboot seeding happens via the core18.start-snapd
service. This service will do the initial start of snapd when the
system is unseeded. This service will wait until the system is
fully seeded.

We cannot run console-conf before that because it uses the "snap"
command which will not be available before the system is seeded.

Once that has landed https://github.com/snapcore/core18/pull/74
can be reverted (in fact the hooks/200-console-conf-after.chroot
file can be removed entirely).

6c5c202... by Michael Hudson-Doyle

Merge pull request #630 from mwhudson/guided-luks

add guided luks options

bb8db42... by Michael Hudson-Doyle

Merge pull request #631 from mwhudson/fix-initial-language

fix initial highlight on the welcome screen

a7db327... by Michael Hudson-Doyle

fix initial highlight on the welcome screen

unless LANG happened to match a supported language exactly, the last language
(currently Ukranian) would be selected by default

b58faf7... by Michael Hudson-Doyle

Tweak page titles

e59e6dd... by Michael Hudson-Doyle

bring back a 1-line subtitle

522fa5c... by Michael Hudson-Doyle

Merge pull request #4 from xnox/luks

Update help