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413. By Scott Moser on 2018-10-02

maas-images has moved its development from bzr to git.

Please update your workflow to use git. Instead of
   bzr branch lp:maas-images
   git clone https://git.launchpad.net/maas-images

This bzr repository is no longer functional.

412. By Scott Moser on 2018-09-19

img2squashfs: fix when 'image' was a directory.

This fixes img2squashfs for both '--format=dir' and --format=auto
(the default) when input is a directory.

Now the following works:
 img2squashfs my-dir/ /tmp/my-squashfs

411. By Lee Trager on 2018-09-18

Support building a specific revision of CentOS with a specific release.

revision and release may now be defined in centos.yaml. When revision is
defined only upstream builds with a matching revision will be built. A
release may also be specified to allow revisions to be rebuilt.

410. By Lee Trager on 2018-09-18

Scan for CentOS images using the image-index provided by upstream

When CentOS support was initially added, we decided that CentOS should
follow the same path as Ubuntu. Upstream generates a generic cloud-image
and then lp:maas-images modifies the image to work for MAAS. When this was
first implemented upstream only supplied a sha256sum.txt file[1] for us to
scan for new images. Now, upstream is providing an
image-index [2] file which uses config file format.

The image-index[2] file is missing some older images the sha256sum.txt[1]
has but both contain the latest image file.

[1] https://cloud.centos.org/centos/7/images/sha256sum.txt
[2] https://cloud.centos.org/centos/7/images/image-index

409. By Scott Moser on 2018-09-13

Centos7: do not run finalize hook if curtin supports centos.

If curtin has the feature CENTOS_CURTHOOK_SUPPORT, then do not run
the 'finalize' hook, but let curtin handle it.

The finalize CentOS hook writes the MAAS OAUTH credentials to
90_datasource.cfg. The builtin Curtin hooks are writing the MAAS OAUTH
credentials to 50-cloudconfig-maas-reporting.cfg. Disable the finalize
hook when Curtin supports CENTOS_CURTHOOK_SUPPORT to avoid duplicated

408. By Lee Trager on 2018-08-30

Update CentOS 7 curthooks to use internal Curtin storage support.

Curtin now supports deploying custom storage on CentOS 7+. Hooks are
no longer required for CentOS but they are still included for
backwards compatibility. If CentOS is deployed with MAAS 2.5+ and a
supported version of Curtin the hooks will simply call back into
Curtin to configure storage. If an older version of MAAS or Curtin is
used the old hooks will still run. Secure boot is not currently supported
in CentOS.

407. By Lee Trager on 2018-08-16

Make sure EPEL is installed first.

406. By Lee Trager on 2018-08-07

Revert Open Firmware PPC64EL bootloader to Xenial.

The Bionic bootloader for Open Firmware PPC64EL is requesting a GRUB
configuration file for the wrong MAC address(LP:1785859). Until this
bug is fixed revert to the Xenial bootloader.

To allow the bootloader to be reverted lp:maas-images will now only look to
see if the bootloader discovered in the archive differs from the latest
bootloader in the stream. Older bootloaders in the stream are ignored. This
allows the release for each bootloader to be reverted to an older version
or upgraded to a newer version without changing anything other than

405. By Lee Trager on 2018-08-07

Install CentOS tools needed to allow custom storage deployment.

Custom storage deployment requires certain tools to be installed in the target
system. If these tools are not installed Curtin will attempt to install them
using the target's package manager. This will not work in an isolated
environment so make sure they are installed when CentOS is being built.

404. By Lee Trager on 2018-08-07

Switch bootloaders to pull from Bionic instead of Xenial.

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