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f466fdb... by Andres Rodriguez on 2018-08-17

Backport 3d9ace9 - LP: #1787381 - Prevent the UI from re-setting proxy config settings.

a8659db... by Andres Rodriguez on 2018-08-10

Backport e9b1946a - LP: #1786526 - Add a failsafe mechanism to setting the proxy port

d73d626... by Andres Rodriguez on 2018-08-07

debian/changelog: Update to match 2.3.4 release

4f77e30... by Mike Pontillo on 2018-07-30

LP: #1776604 - Improve hostname mapping heuristic for bonded bridges

This commit changes the default hostname to IP address mapping to
account for situations where an interface parent's parent is a
machine's boot interface.

Backports: 72aba3a90faa053905c20967604195e80fee6b05

d0c5833... by Andres Rodriguez on 2018-07-13

Backport 2581bde - LP: #1779712 - Ability to select maas-proxy port.

Adds the ability to select which port the MAAS proxy binds to, which is
used by machines during the various operations.

9df2ff1... by Andres Rodriguez on 2018-07-13

Backport cf12161 - LP: 1778710 - Add 'boot_images_no_proxy' setting

Allows setting no_proxy for the host of the MAAS image repo if it is
behind a proxy.

7171960... by Mike Pontillo on 2018-07-05

LP: #1622105 - Make sure ensure_link_up does not cause infinite recursion.

Add visited pattern to interface_enabled_or_disabled post-save signal handler for Interface model objects, to fix an infinite recursion bug seen during end-to-end testing while interfaces were being enabled and disabled on a rack controller.

Backports: 732f0300549322a49a02c4331d6cf2cb1f86af0d

ac6a15b... by Blake Rouse on 2018-05-31

Backport d8e234eb09a59ac0b25033a2346588f7bd87562f - LP: #1740442 - Add grub_device to all block devices that are part of a RAID, when one of the block devices is set as the boot disk for the node.

45db315... by Andres Rodriguez on 2018-05-18

debian/changelog: Update to match 2.3.3 release; open 2.3.4.

70a193c... by Lee Trager on 2018-05-17

Backport of 03beeaf LP:1749210 - Boot ephemeral environment when status is RESCUE_MODE