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7a30943... by Anton Troyanov

fix: master->main

(cherry picked from commit fa9343be7d9d5950b68d08480a9096630ac27cf8)

fb41b44... by Björn Tillenius

Don't specify PYTHONPATH when building the snap.

Having a PYTHONPATH there breaks the build if a systemwide pip is

I tried building it without having build-environment defined. The snap
built ok, and the installed snap started up without any problems.

(cherry picked from commit f25a4b5fe52a2ccb9c5276b4dd040cab1143d4fd)

20f2a80... by Alberto Donato

LP:1938296 subtract partition table space from available disk space (backport of 0309f0115)

2363482... by Alberto Donato

test-related fixes to allow running tests with launchpad-ci

- don't run aa-exec in docker
- require gpg-agent since it's not preinstalled in all images

(cherry-pick from 5ea820c563694e1d188ce63d6263da7a5be0e63e)

508e5ad... by Alberto Donato

use 3.0-next PPA for deps

6e85109... by Mauricio Faria de Oliveira

[cherry-pick from commit 9eef25a55a36 ("LP:1958433 curtin workaround for xfs in centos70")]

LP:1958433 curtin workaround for xfs in centos70

The XFS implementation in CentOS 7 does not support the reflink feature,
and refuses to mount with it, leaving the system boot in emergency mode.

So, if 'mkfs.xfs' in the commissioning image (used for deployment) knows
about 'reflink=0|1', create a wrapper to use '-m reflink=0' for CentOS 7.

The commands to generate the wrapper are general, long, and unoptimized,
for better compatibility between Bionic/Focal/Jammy comissioning images.

Example with Focal:

    Welcome to Ubuntu 20.04.4 LTS!
    [ 53.426717] cloud-init[1423]: start: cmd-install/stage-early: preparing for installation
    [ 53.432717] cloud-init[1423]: start: cmd-install/stage-early/centos70_xfs_lp1958433: running '/bin/sh -c if [ "centos70" = "centos70" ] && mkfs.xfs 2>&1 | grep -q "reflink=0|1"; then WRAPPER=/usr/local/sbin/mkfs.xfs; echo "#!/bin/sh" >$WRAPPER && echo "exec $(which mkfs.xfs) -m reflink=0 \"\$@\"" >>$WRAPPER && chmod +x $WRAPPER && echo "Wrapper: $WRAPPER" && cat $WRAPPER; fi'
    [ 53.476110] cloud-init[1423]: Wrapper: /usr/local/sbin/mkfs.xfs
    [ 53.478272] cloud-init[1423]: #!/bin/sh
    [ 53.478767] cloud-init[1423]: exec /usr/sbin/mkfs.xfs -m reflink=0 "$@"
    [ 53.479615] cloud-init[1423]: finish: cmd-install/stage-early/centos70_xfs_lp1958433: SUCCESS: running '/bin/sh -c if [ "centos70" = "centos70" ] && mkfs.xfs 2>&1 | grep -q "reflink=0|1"; then WRAPPER=/usr/local/sbin/mkfs.xfs; echo "#!/bin/sh" >$WRAPPER && echo "exec $(which mkfs.xfs) -m reflink=0 \"\$@\"" >>$WRAPPER && chmod +x $WRAPPER && echo "Wrapper: $WRAPPER" && cat $WRAPPER; fi'
    [ 53.485237] cloud-init[1423]: centos70_xfs_lp1958433 took 0.053 seconds
    [ 53.485435] cloud-init[1423]: stage_early took 0.053 seconds
    [ 53.485889] cloud-init[1423]: finish: cmd-install/stage-early: SUCCESS: preparing for installation
    [ 63.756098] cloud-init[1423]: Running command ['mkfs.xfs', '-f', '-L', '', '-m', 'uuid=42e5ad8a-f078-48d2-8d42-60ee2ef10641', '/dev/vda3'] with allowed return codes [0] (capture=True)
    [ 63.758788] cloud-init[1423]: Formated device type: partition
    [ 63.763745] cloud-init[1423]: finish: cmd-install/stage-partitioning/builtin/cmd-block-meta: SUCCESS: configuring format: vda-part3_format

Signed-off-by: Mauricio Faria de Oliveira <email address hidden>

d36fe48... by Alexsander de Souza

pin click to a version compatible with black

0345907... by Alberto Donato

LP:1939340 handle "interfaces" field for reported USB devices being null

c71e970... by Alberto Donato

LP:1948965 check LXD server capabilities on VM compose

7a15d66... by Christian Grabowski

add unit test for proxy auth

add auth info to proxy peer section of template