Last commit made on 2022-06-29
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08b737a... by Dan Streetman

Release 2.7.4 RC2

784d8ab... by Dan Streetman

Revert "Update maas-ui to 18e7aa4"

This reverts commit 212f1663bc69a9fe791be711d5deaf9c1a05ec61.

8fefd0d... by Dan Streetman

Revert "Update maas-ui to 83d8b12"

This reverts commit 47a585263f053487c529ad8140cfa4851c564c3a.

b109030... by Victor Tapia

Reuse metric structures for Prometheus

Backport of 2ad24e0

634b8eb... by Dan Streetman

Release 2.7.4 RC1

7b16cb2... by Lee Trager

LP: #1923268 - Make default grub.cfg architecture agnostic.

Backport of f606805

9ea50e1... by Lee Trager

Enable GRUB debug when rackd debug is enabled.

Backport of 20566cd

05ce808... by Lee Trager

Remove linuxefi and initrdefi from GRUB configuration.

The linuxefi and initrdefi have been deprecated from GRUB. They are
currently aliased to the linux and initrd command and will soon be removed
from GRUB. This allows MAAS to unify its ephemeral GRUB configuration
across all architectures. The "install" GRUB configuration files have been
removed. They were for installing with Debian installer which is no longer

Backport of 4f6ac0c

47a5852... by Huw Wilkins

Update maas-ui to 83d8b12
Remove unsupported optional chaining.

e1f9ecf... by Lee Trager

LP: #1910473 - Don't assume NUMA nodes maintain linear continuity.

Cherry pick of ed1ad1bc2