Created by Maarten Fonville on 2017-01-28 and last modified on 2021-10-19


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[FULLYBUILT] Successful build buildlog (5.8 KiB) Impish download-npo
[FULLYBUILT] download-npo - 2.9.1-0~201903010332~ubuntu21.10.1 buildlog (12.0 KiB) amd64
[FAILEDTOUPLOAD] Could not be uploaded correctly buildlog (10.8 KiB) Bionic download-npo
[FAILEDTOUPLOAD] Could not be uploaded correctly buildlog (11.2 KiB) Xenial download-npo
[FULLYBUILT] Successful build buildlog (8.3 KiB) Focal download-npo
[FULLYBUILT] download-npo - 2.9.1-0~201903010332~ubuntu20.04.1 buildlog (14.1 KiB) amd64
[FULLYBUILT] Successful build buildlog (5.5 KiB) Hirsute download-npo
[FULLYBUILT] download-npo - 2.9.1-0~201903010332~ubuntu21.04.1 buildlog (11.6 KiB) amd64

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# git-build-recipe format 0.4 deb-version {debupstream}-0~{revtime}
lp:~maarten-fonville/download-npo/+git/trunk master