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9dd483d... by Walter Dörwald

Update source code in validation.txt so that doctests work.

2805ad4... by Walter Dörwald

Rename various DTD attributes for PEP 8 compatibility and consistency.

   externalID -> external_id
   systemID -> system_url
   defaultValue -> default_value

30c7bba... by Walter Dörwald

Remove bogus statement from source in documentation.

9837ec4... by Walter Dörwald

Document new attributes of DTD objects.

7fee5f8... by Walter Dörwald

Update comments.

41ee92c... by Walter Dörwald

Add tests for the DTD attributes name, systemID and externalID.

53c2c6c... by Walter Dörwald

Add tests for DTD attributes.

4ba9626... by Walter Dörwald

Expose entities to Python. Rename iterdeclarations() to iterelements().

a1371fc... by Walter Dörwald

Cahnge _DTDAttributeDecl.tree into a method and rename it to itervalues().

Add a method values() that materializes the list.

c361f11... by Walter Dörwald

Add additional properties:

Add prefix property to _DTDElementDecl and _DTDAttributeDecl and elemname
to _DTDAttributeDecl.